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The Undertaker Was Supposed To Have An On-Screen Son In 2008
 Since 1997, when his longtime manager Paul Bearer introduced us to The Undertaker's younger brother, fellow WWE Hall of Famer Kane, and revealed that The Undertaker had burned down his family's funeral home in his youth, killing his parents and badly burning Kane, Taker's character was forever changed into someone who was now defined by his[...]
Report: Vince McMahon Explains Dumb Wrestler Name Changes
This latest juicy morsel comes via Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, where The Meltz discusses a memo sent by Vince McMahon himself explaining the reason for the most recent spate of ridiculous wrestler name changes And yes, comrades, it's exactly as we all suspected: the reason is pure spite, to prevent wrestlers from being able[...]
WWE SmackDown Recap: New Stars, New Names,
 They fight around ringside a bit before Moss runs Corbin off. We now go backstage to find Jinder Mahal screaming at Adam Pearce and demanding an Intercontinental title shot against Ricochet, but they're interrupted by Ronda Rousey and her sour puss as she demands an answer from Pearce about her I Quit Match against Flair. Drew McIntyre vs Sami Zayn Drew[...]
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon loves money.
Taking a page from the world he's known his entire life as well as the STARZ series Heels, WWE owner Vince McMahon is partnering up with Craig O'Neill and Tom Rinaldi to develop a new scripted series called Pinned that's set in a fictional wrestling promotion for NBC Universal O'Neill (CSI: Vegas, MacGyver) will write[...]
Vince McMahon To Induct The Undertaker Into The WWE Hall Of Fame
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon did something pretty rare this afternoon when he sat down for his first outside of WWE live interview in 15 years with SmackDown commentator Pat McAfee on today's episode of The Pat McAfee Show  The increasingly more reclusive McMahon promised McAfee he would be making a big WWE-related announcement on the show today and he didn't[...]
The Undertaker Will Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame This Year
 Taker has been unofficially retired from the ring since his Boneyard Match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36 in 2020, a cinematic battle that surprised everyone by being an absolute blast that both served as a fun way to make do with the crowdless COVID era and a fitting way to send the Deadman off. After performing as[...]
Brock Lesnar Talks About Vince McMahon And Who He'd Like To Face
 In addition to talking about his upbringing and his current home life on a remote farm in Saskatchewan, Canada, he also spoke freely about certain aspects of his WWE career that we've never heard from him before, at least in such a blunt and unguarded manner. Like all of WWE's top stars, Brock Lesnar has a[...]
Cesaro Shares His Disappointment In Not Being In The Royal Rumble
 WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin stressed this in his WWE Network interview with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon 2014 when Austin said that he saw all the traits of a star in Cesaro, but wondered why company management wouldn't push him?  McMahon answered that he didn't think Cesaro had "it", which led Austin (himself someone[...]
Rumor: Shane McMahon Fired by WWE Even Though He Doesn't Work There
Following the shocking news yesterday that Vince McMahon fired his own son, Shane McMahon, as a scapegoat for the poorly booked Royal Rumble PPV, a new report reveals that McMahon's cronies in WWE are trying to prevent AEW from hiring Shane by spreading rumors about his ego Though the report is based on anonymous sources,[...]
NXT Superstars Post-Mortem: Kings Who Were Made Jesters
There is only Passion. Through Passion, I gain Strength. Through Strength, I gain Power. Through Power, I gain Victory. Through Victory my chains are Broken. The Force shall free me." So what can we read into with this?  There's the obvious association of WWE as "the Evil Empire" and Vince McMahon's ever-growing by-the-day resemblance to Emperor Palpatine[...]
nia jax
It was a personal choice."  She continued to explain how Vince McMahon himself even tried discussing it with her to no avail "I remember sitting down with Vince because the entire two years I was there, we were tested every day, and I never popped positive I never had COVID the whole time[...]
Royal Rumble: WWE Bummed Out Their Wrestlers As Much As Their Fans
 If that's how it came across to viewers, could it only have been better to those involved?  Not quite. Image: Screencap As predictable as the endings to this year's two Royal Rumble matches were once all of the pieces were on the table (hell, I predicted them earlier that day), it turns out that it was a long[...]