Apple TV+ Releases Trailers for Streamer's Best Offerings: "Ghostwriter", "Snoopy in Space" & "Helpsters"

It's launch day for the Apple TV+ streaming service. All the attention is on the live action scripted dramas, The Morning Show, See, For All Mankind and Dickinson. Critical reaction to those shows have been mixed at best. None of them generated much buzz to make everyone rush to subscribe to the service.

Then there's the kid's shows. Apple wants Apple TV+ to be a family-friendly service, which means they need content for kids. Apple finally released trailers for Ghostwriter, Snoopy in Space and the Sesame Street-produced Helpsters.

I find it odd that Apple waited till launch day to release trailers for the kids' shows. You might have thought they would release them weeks ago along with the more prestigious adult show trailers. It's like the kids' shows are the "red-headed stepchildren" of the litter. Of course, people aren't going to rush to subscribe just for the kids' shows, but it's odd that they're treating them as an afterthought.

And you know what? The kids' shows are a lot more solid than the "adult" live action dramas.


Ghostwriter is adapted from a beloved book series about following clues the scribblings of a ghostly writer to solve a mystery. It teaches kids about books and literature while they follow an adventure.

"Snoopy In Space"

Snoopy in Space is a cartoon series based on Charles M. Schultz' comic strip Peanuts. It's really an update of the time Snoopy became an astronaut back in the 1960s and was adopted as a mascot by NASA for their moon missions. You know what to expect from Peanuts cartoons. And this show looks like a way to teach kids about NASA as well. It also looks a lot more fun than the glumness of For All Mankind.


Helpsters is a tongue-in-cheek offshoot from Sesame Street about muppets who help people solve problems and learn to be what they want to be. It aims to teach kids about empathy, jokes, being of service to people, and the joys of learning new skills.

These kids shows may not make anyone rush to subscribe to Apple TV+, but they're a lot more solid and fun than any of the "prestigious" shows so far. They may not be distinct enough to define whatever identity Apple TV+ is trying to build, but they would be perfectly good shows on any other kids' channel. They would right at home on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon.

I'm an adult, and I feel like I'd rather watch these than the "grown-up" shows on Apple TV+.

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