AquaDonk Side Pieces E09 Addresses Important ATHF Canon Question

Oh, Meatwad, Frylock, Master Shake, and Carl! We've had you back for such a short time and now we're getting to the end of Adult Swim's "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" digital spinoff AquaDonk Side Pieces from Matt Maiellaro & Dave Willis. And after eight episodes, we've encountered Handbanana, The Broodwrap, MC P Pants, The Mooninites, Frat Aliens DP & Skeeter, Breakie B, The Plutonians (Oglethorpe & Emory), vampire slumlord Markula, Merlo the Magician & old sidekick Unbelievable Ron. So who do we have on tap for Tuesday?

AquaDonk Side Pieces E09

And once again, just a quick reminder that with one remaining episode of AquaDonk Side Pieces left, it's set to drop on Adult Swim's YouTube channel at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT. Or (as we're sure you've been doing) you can always keep checking in with us as we share each chapter- like today's penultimate episode sees the return of… Happy Time Harry, The Dumbest Doll of All! And after a flashback to 2004 for a reminder of his unanswered fate, Harry finally returns home to end it all. But we're giving this one bonus points because it also addresses a long-running question about ATHF. Why are their floors so explosive?

In yesterday's episode, Merlo the Magician "recruits" Carl to help him enact revenge against his old sidekick, Unbelievable Ron:

In yesterday's seventh episode The Plutonians (Oglethorpe & Emory) learn why the "slumlord" part of vampire slumlord Markula's title is ten times more dangerous than the "vampire" part as they go hunting for a new secret hideout:

With the sixth episode set at the Powerpuff Mall, Carl and Master Shake are security guards who take a break from stealing change from the fountain to check out the Breakie B breakdancing robot. But thanks to Cybernetic Ghost, they're about to learn how Breakie B will bring about the end of the world. If only CG can get past them and that damn metal detector…

In yesterday's fifth episode, Frat Aliens DP and Skeeter take their pledges to Earth on a mission of great importance… more alcohol. And honestly, what could go wrong when a punch of fraternity aliens try to grab some beer from a gas station in the middle of the night… right?

And in this edition of Digital Death Cage (aka Episode 4), Samuel of the Cosmos' feelings on The Mooninites' "video game" Moon Master 9: Beware The Gorgotron aren't very good. And let's just say Ignignokt and Err don't take criticism very well:

In the third episode, Carl's about to enroll in MC P Pants University to learn how to take advantage of the elderly and gain financial independence along the way.

Here's a look back to the epic second episode, as The Broodwrap reveals its ingredients to Carl. Monkey spunk! Demonic puss! No sun-dried tomatoes! And so much more…

And in the first short, Carl begs Frylock for help after Handbanana inserts a tracking chip in his neck. For some reason, we can't get images of The Suicide Squad out of our heads… and a confession? We checked to see if they were selling Carl's necklace (because Handbanana is hysterical):

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