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blade runner
After a breathtaking two-episode premiere last weekend, Crunchyroll and Adult Swim's Blade Runner: Black Lotus comes storming back to our screens this weekend with the third episode of the season, "The Human Condition." To help get viewers excited for what's to come, the streaming service and Adult Swim's Saturday late-night anime programming block are offering[...]
Unfortunately, this weekend brings us two episodes closer to the series finale of Jim Fortier & Dave Willis's long-running Adult Swim animated series Squidbillies But with Tracy Morgan (Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, The Last OG) on board as the new voice of Early Cuyler, the series isn't looking to go out on a quiet[...]
aqua teen
co-creator Jackson Publick that "things are happening" in terms of the upcoming "long-form special" (Publick's words) that one the way from Adult Swim Set to be released via Blu-ray/DVD, PVOD & digital download before landing on HBO Max and Adult Swim, Metalocalypse and Aqua Teen Hunger Force will also be getting return visits Created by[...]
What with this weekend being Adult Swim Festival 2021 and the Jim Fortier & Dave Willis-created series rolling out the next two episodes of if its 13th and final season ("No Space Like Home" & "Scorn on the 4th of July"), it seemed only fitting that Squidbillies would host a virtual panel where Fortier, Willis,[...]
Rick and Morty "Samurai & Shogun 2" Premieres at Adult Swim Fest 2021
During a busier-than-usual Friday that kicked off with a mega-dump of news and previews as part of Disney+ Day, it's nice to have Adult Swim Festival 2021 also going on to end the day with and have around to brighten up our Saturday For Rick and Morty fans, the word went out on Thursday that[...]
rick and morty
As if there wasn't already enough reason already to be a part of Adult Swim Festival 2021 when it takes over the late-night programming block's YouTube channel on November 12th & 13th (with extra content on HBO Max), the fine folks over at Rick and Morty have announced one more to add into the mix[...]
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It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a month since we first reported that Adult Swim Festival 2021 would be taking over Adult Swim's YouTube channel on November 12 and 13 for the free two-day global virtual event And now with only days to go, we have the full schedule of panels, screenings, musical[...]
blade runner
On November 14th, Crunchyroll and Adult Swim are set to unleash Blade Runner: Black Lotus, and now viewers are getting a fresh look at what their original anime series has to offer as well as a chance to hear from the folks behind the project to gain a better sense of how it all came[...]
And make sure to check out that second special preview following: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Squidbillies | S13 Premiere Sneak Peek: Rusty is Late For Work | adult swim ( This season is going to feature a number of guest musical artists offering their takes on the show's theme- so with that in[...]
rick and morty
Welcome back to "The In-Between Seasons" time, that time period we introduced you to yesterday that's taking place between being exhausted combing over every second of Adult Swim's Rick and Morty two-episode, one-hour fifth season finale "Forgetting Sarick Mortshall" and "Rickmurai Jack" (check out our review here) and waiting for any news about the sixth season[...]
With the 10-episode fourth & final season of Adult Swim's Squidbillies set to hit our screens starting this Sunday, November 7th, fans have been wondering who would replace voice actor Stuart Daniel Baker in the role of Early Cuyler Back in 2020, Baker was fired for his racist, sexist, and other offensive comments posted to[...]
rick and morty
If you're like us, you've pretty much exhausted picking through Adult Swim's Rick and Morty two-episode, one-hour fifth season finale "Forgetting Sarick Mortshall" and "Rickmurai Jack" (check out our review here)- at least for now But that means giving in to that time we all dread… "The In-Between Seasons" time So with what we're assuming[...]
Back in May of this year, Adult Swim announced that Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Metalocalypse, and The Venture Bros would be making their returns in film-form (a better term is on the way in a minute), currently set to be released via Blu-ray/DVD, PVOD, and digital download before landing on HBO Max and Adult Swim[...]
A look at Snowball from Rick and Morty (Image: Adult Swim)
So we're taking a break from our usual coverage of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's Adult Swim animated series Rick and Morty (still so much to process) for something much more important- an update from Roiland regarding the health of his dog Jerry- best friend for 13 years as well as the inspiration for Beth's[...]
Squidbillies: Final Season Trailer Of Adult Swim Series Has Arrived
The oldest Squid in the Game returns for one last blast starting Sunday, November 7th on Adult Swim Squidbillies will feature two new episodes each week starting at midnight (ET/PT). Squidbillies: Final Season (Source: YouTube/ Adult Swim) Squidbillies is a quarter-hour animated comedy series that follows the Cuyler Family, America's favorite rural hell-raising cephalopods who call the[...]