Big Brother Season 23 E17 Recap: Kyland's Power Grab & Veto Derby

We're now up to the seventeenth episode of CBS' Big Brother Season 23 and spoilers are plentiful & heading your way…so turn back now if you don't want surprises and instead read my past article regarding alliance riffs and exits this season on Big Brother. As the days rolled on, with the addition of BB Bucks and a tempting casino room full of potential prizes, houseguests were excited to try out their luck for HOH and beyond. First thing first, the HOH competition was shown to us. A lounge-style song was played for the houseguests, two up there at a time, with lyrics referencing a past competition this season and three choices to buzz in on, HOH, Veto, and Wild Card. As the rounds went on, people were eliminated. In the end, the remaining houseguest, the one to win HOH, was Kyland. The mistake was made by him in this competition, Kyland went against a fellow alliance's wishes, specifically the plea from Azah to let her win. The Cookout Alliance felt the heat from within and the drama grew as could be seen in the tense whispers in the HOH competition.

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Xavier felt the pressure to be the glue holding the Cookout alliance together as Azah broke down over Kyland's win and a potential nomination of Britini. Kyland began making a lot of sense when talking about Azah's lack of ability to communicate through confrontation, she has the motivation and skill there but tends to keep it close to her instead. It has appeared that the individuals in the Cookout Alliance each have a unique idea of how things will be going forward, but have yet to discuss those ideas amongst each other at the moment. With the next set of Big Brother nominations coming soon, Kyland and Claire talked in the HOH room. Claire made a mistake by suggesting Cookout members to Kyland as potential targets, developing and placing suspicion on her instead. Reluctant but going forward with it, Derek F agrees to go up as a pawn. Kyland ended up nominating Claire and Derek F this week. Derek F not mentioning the fact he's a pawn to Britini and Azah became a smart movie on his part, sadly it could be easy for them to spill the beans.

The High Roller room opened for the Big Brother houseguests after the nominations. It consisted of the Veto Derby worth 50 BB Bucks to play, giving an extra veto to whoever wins it. Other games involved taking a nominee off the block and the biggest gamble of all, worth 250 BB Bucks, has the correct guess if a coin flip replacing the current HOH with the winner of the flip. As the houseguests went into the High Roller room, some chose to play the lowest costing game, Veto Derby, with the winner order being Kyland, Derek F, Claire, Sarah Beth, and then Tiffany who got zero points in the end. Next comes the veto competition on Wednesday at 8 PM EST. on CBS.

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