Big Brother Season 23 E16 Recap: Flipping Houses & Casino Twists

We're now up to the sixteenth episode of CBS' Big Brother Season 23 and spoilers are plentiful & heading your way…so turn back now if you don't want surprises and instead read my past article regarding a veto competition full of prizes and punishments this season on Big Brother. The veto meeting went as one expected it to, Britini took herself off the block and had Derek X put up a replacement. The expected happened with Christian put up in her place.

Big Brother Season 23 E16 Recap: Flipping Houses & Casino Twists
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The tension was extreme as he attempted to convince Derek X that Sarah Beth is a bigger threat after her begging to keep the prize money and dismissing a chance at taking herself off the block with the veto. In the end, Derek X's possibility of becoming a threat if Christian goes home went up.

Christian gets sympathy from Tiffany after a deeper conversation involving the votes. The reality of whose vote is truly a swing vote in the house got tense. Derek F's irritation with the bossy nature of Tiffany's gameplay became intense in a discussion with Azah that left me changing some perspective on the strength of this Cookout Alliance. While Tiffany uses her blunt nature to get through the game, it appears as if it can and likely will bite her in the butt later on with her own alliance members. It may be a working strategy now, but just like Big Brother, it can flip. Derek F and Azah attempted to intervene in Tiffany's discussion with Britini but it backfired on them when their actions were discussed between Tiffany, Hannah, and Xavier. Derek F and Azah may have had good intentions, but it could cost them a good alliance till the final six.

The Eviction ceremony came up finally and I had no true idea of where things were heading. The nominees made their speeches with a lot of genuine heart and last-ditch efforts to convince the votes. First up to vote was Hannah and she voted to evict Christian. Next was Kyland who voted to evict Christian. Xavier voted to evict Sarah Beth. Alyssa voted to evict Sarah Beth. Britini voted to evict Christian. Derek F voted to evict Christian. Tiffany voted to evict Christian. Claire voted to evict Christian. Finally, Azah voted to evict Christian. The decision was final, the next person to be evicted from the Big Brother house was Christian. With a strong expression and a goodbye kiss to Alyssa, he left for his interview with Julie Chen.

A twist came after the announcement that anyone going forward that was evicted would be on the jury. This twist included a new room, "the high rollers room", with three unique BB casino games that could assist in veto rewards and more, but to play it requires BB Bucks. The BB Bucks to each houseguest comes from the power of the audience at home who can vote on who receives them. This all came into play with the next HOH title. While not able to see in the episode itself who won, the live feeds and playing of the casino games told it all. Kyland will be the next HOH, prompting questions of who he'd be most faithful to, specifically with the Cookout alliance in question. Answers will come our way on Sunday at 8 PM EST on CBS.

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