Charles Soule and Ryan Browne's Curse Words Optioned for Secret TV Series

In some realms of the field of journalism, reporters risk life and limb to embed themselves in dangerous areas of conflict. In the field of comics "journalism," we also experience danger, but instead of traveling to war zones or infiltrating criminal organizations, danger for us means listening to a comic book creator's vanity podcast. And so, when we received a tip that writer Charles Soule dropped an EX-X-XCLUSIVE reveal on superstar artist Ryan Stegman's Stegman and His Amazing Friends podcast, we steeled ourselves and loaded the podcast up on our phone to get the story.

It turns out that Curse Words, the creator-owned series by Soule and Ryan Browne, has been optioned for television. Unfortunately, Soule was unable to reveal the name of the company that optioned the show, saying that they refused to let the creators promote it, even though it would help the upcoming issues of the comic book, which reaches its planned ending with November's Curse Words #25. Instead, they want to save the promotion for a time close to the actual show's release in order to promote the show itself.

Here's what Curse Words is about:

A wizard has appeared in present-day New York! His name is Wizord, and he's here to save us all from dark magical forces bent on our destruction. He's the best wizard of all time! Or… he's not, and he's lying to everyone, and secretly is the dark magical force, but wants to hang out in our world for a while because it's so much nicer than the hellhole he comes from. Secrets, and spells, and talking koalas – CURSE WORDS is a gonzo dark fantasy from CHARLES SOULE (Daredevil, Letter 44, Star Wars) and RYAN BROWNE (God Hates Astronauts).

Curse Words #24 hit stores earlier this month, with the final issue coming out on November 25th… so there's time right now to buy up those back issues if you want to get ahead of the official announcement and the eventual rise in eBay prices.

The podcast itself is worth a listen, both to hear the hosts and Soule rag on Marvel writer/artist Chip Zdarsky, and also for Soule's reveal that Marvel makes their talent sign contracts vowing not to disparage any other Marvel creators.

Charles Soule and Ryan Browne's Curse Words Optioned for TV Series

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