Charmed: It's Time for Rose McGowan, OG Cast to Move On: Opinion

In the ongoing social media back-n-forth between Charmed star Sarah Jeffery original series cast members, Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs Ryan took another passive-aggressive twist on Wednesday, with McGowan taking her turn to respond to Jeffery's lack of "appreciation" for McGowan and Holly Marie Combs Ryan's mocking her series via TikTok. Jeffery took to Twitter to call out both for the "sad and quite frankly pathetic" way the two acted in the video, hoping that the actresses "find happiness elsewhere" that doesn't involve "putting down other WOC," and that she would be "embarrassed" if she behaved the way they did.

Charmed (Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved)

Well, Holly Marie Combs Ryan took issue with Jeffery apparently seeing the video and actually taking it personally (you'll understand why Jeffery would in the video below)- apparently, forgetting that the very concept of "video" means that there's a record of what actually happened. Well, we're guessing the concept didn't make its way to McGowan, who used her Instagram Stories to go full-on "I'm-Better-Than-You" mode in such a dismissive, passive-aggressive way that we would almost be impressed if it wasn't insulting.

Our personal take on it? If each of them was cut a check to do a two-minute walk-on, none of this would be happening. The CW and show's creators "dared" to actually want to make a show that took place in a different universe. Boo. Hoo. Folks? Get over it. Also, McGowan and Holly Marie Combs Ryan took time out of their personal lives to record and post a video trashing the show. We're assuming all of the world's problems have been solved by now, because contrary to what McGowan writes? They clearly have more time on their hands than they're letting on. Lastly… how do you trash a series you've never watched?!? Saying a series you've never watched has "no soul or heart" and not expect the person associated with it to push back- especially a show that has so many WOC in lead roles- is not only the height of privilege at some of its worst but it also says a ton more about McGowan than it does about Jeffery or Charmed– and not much of it's good.

But hey, she made sure E! got the 411 so she got some media traction out of it…

Image: screencap

Here's a look at Jeffery's original tweet response to the video:

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