Did CM Punk Show Up on AEW Rampage Tonight? YES!

Did CM Punk show up on AEW Rampage tonight? That's the sort of question people are bound to be googling tonight as the second episode of Rampage, titled The First Dance, airs on TNT at 10PM Eastern. It's the sort of question that's best answered by a clickbait article with an SEO-friendly title that drags out giving you the actual answer to the question until the bottom of the article. You know those articles that come up when you google something like "is there a new episode of SNL on tonight," and then when you click on them, you get a whole bunch of info about SNL that does not answer the question of whether tonight's episode is a new one until the final paragraph? Yeah. This is one of those articles.

Did CM Punk Show Up on AEW Rampage Tonight?
If CM Punk googled the question "Did CM Punk Show Up on AEW Rampage Tonight?" on his phone, this is probably what it would look like.

CM Punk walked out of WWE back in 2014, dissatisfied with his treatment by the company, and promptly launched an unsuccessful MMA career before seemingly retiring from in-ring work. Nevertheless, WWE fans continued to chant CM Punk's name for years afterward, partially wishful thinking, and partially a rebuke of WWE's storytelling. Who could have known that, seven years later, fans would be wondering: "did CM Punk show up on AEW Rampage tonight?" And yet, here we are, writing a clickbait article about it. How about that!

CM Punk seemed to soften toward the wrestling industry in 2019, appearing under a mask at indie wrestling shows and later signing with Fox as a commentator on their FS1 WWE talk show, WWE Backstage. However, that show was canceled after no one watched it, leaving CM Punk fans to wonder: will CM Punk show up in AEW tonight, or at some tonight some time in the future? Little did they realize how prophetic that question would be!

And now, the time has come, as AEW Rampage: The First Dance finally takes to the airwaves to answer the burning question: "did CM Punk show up on AEW Rampage tonight?" And now that we have sufficiently kept you occupied on this page to keep our bounce rate low, we can finally give you the answer. So, did CM Punk show up on AEW Rampage tonight?

No. The show hasn't aired yet. But keep checking back and we'll be sure to update this article as soon as he does.

Update 8:58PM ET: WWE Smackdown has started, but AEW Rampage won't be on the air for another hour. As such, CM Punk has not yet shown up on AEW Rampage tonight.

Update: Yup.

This article is dedicated to the memory of former reader J. Wyatt, who finally had enough of the clickbait. Gone, but not forgotten.

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