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CM Punk makes his surprise debut on WWE Backstage | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX

WWE Backstage Canceled: CM Punk Now a Free Agent?

And WWE Backstage on FS1 did even worse, often not even ranking in the Top 150 cable shows for its night.[caption id="attachment_1197585" align="aligncenter" width="600"] CM Punk makes his surprise debut on WWE Backstage | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX[/caption]And if things were bad within a few weeks of WWE Backstage's launch, they got even[...]

CM Punk, master of social media [Screencap from WWE Broadcast]

AJ Styles Fires Back at CM Punk's Subtweet Pipe Bomb About BLM

The Phenomenal One was interviewed by the Times of India, and he was asked about CM Punk's subtweet, which called out Styles for refusing to speak out in support of the Black Lives Matter protests Styles bravely took a stand by saying it's not his job to take a stand on things and that he[...]

CM Punk, master of social media [Screencap from WWE Broadcast]

CM Punk Drops Subtweet Pipe Bomb on Fellow Wrestlers Over Protests

CM Punk may have traded in his MMA boots for a job commentating on WWE Backstage, but that doesn't mean he doesn't still know how to throw a punch The former WWE Champion took to Twitter to call out his colleagues in the pro wrestling business who haven't taken a stand in support of the[...]

CM Punk on Backstage, courtesy of WWE.

CM Punk No Longer a Draw as WWE Backstage Ratings Drop

It looks like WWE made the right decision by not bringing CM Punk back for a full-time wrestling run Though WWE Backstage isn't even a year old, and Punk's appearances on the show are kept sporadic, it seems the magic has worn off, and people just aren't tuning in to see CM Punk anymore Tuesday's[...]

CM Punk on Backstage, courtesy of WWE.

WWE Ratings Show CM Punk Bigger Tuesday Draw Than Hulk Hogan

Hulkamania may have been running wild in the 1980s and 1990s, but in 2020, it's all about the Punkbronies, the colloquial term for hardcore fans of disgraced MMA fighter CM Punk That's right, as you've probably just noticed and audibly groaned about, my delightful colleague Chad is out sick today (a voice in my headset[...]

30 facts you need to know about Roman Reigns: WWE List This!

Could Roman Reigns End Up Being WWE's New CM Punk?

Roman Reigns may be the WWE's new CM Punk, an idea that at first may sound ridiculous, but I ask you to consider whether it may nonetheless be true Yesterday, my colleague wrote about WWE's campaign to silence any mention of Roman Reigns on their television shows The whole thing seems to stem from The Big[...]


Daniel Bryan Defeats CM Punk in Ring of Honor Championship Tournament

Bryan Danielson, known by his WWE ring name Daniel Bryan, has defeated CM Punk in a tournament held by Ring of Honor The tournament was an online matchup between all of the past Ring of Honor champions, won via fan voting Ring of Honor announced the news on its website "With 'The Final Countdown blaring,[...]

Raw: A special look at CM Punk's controversy-ridden tirade at the conclusion of Raw Roulette

WrestleMania 36: CM Punk Finds Crowdless Wrestling Impossible to Watch

Former WWE Superstar and current occasional WWE Backstage pundit CM Punk thinks WWE made the wrong decision by deciding to move forward with WrestleMania 36 instead of postponing it, and he's not afraid to say so Punk dropped another one off his "pipe bombs" on the No-No Show podcast on Stitcher On the podcast, Punk[...]

CM Punk Returns To WWE... "WWE Backstage" That Is

CM Punk Returns To WWE… "WWE Backstage" That Is

WWE dropped their own kind of pipe bomb this week as the one and only CM Punk made his return.. as a commentator on WWE Backstage One of the pro-wrestling internet's worst kept secrets this year came from an audition Punk had for the show over a month ago as WWE was preparing to head[...]

CM Punk Will Appear at Starrcast, All But Confirming AEW All Out Involvement

CM Punk will officially appear at Starrcast 3, the wrestling convention happening in Chicago on August 31, the weekend of All Out Starrcast advertised Punk's appearance in a video posted to their Twitter page Thursday, for which they even apparently obtained the rights to us Living Colour's Cult of Personality. appearance at the convention all[...]

Was CM Punk Behind the Mask at MKE Wrestling Card This Weekend? [VIDEO]

Was CM Punk Behind the Mask at MKE Wrestling Card This Weekend? [VIDEO]

From what we've been reading on social media and wrestling news/rumor sites about World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), All-Elite Wrestling (AEW), New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), Ring of Honor (ROH) Wrestling, and others over the past several months, it looks like the best storylines and true drama is going on behind the scenes (and would make[...]

WWE Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch

WWE: Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey Feud Gets Too "Real"

If that sounds familiar, they did it with ”Stone Cold” Steve Austin and CM Punk.The Authority in Stephanie McMahon and HHH act as the corporate force trying to keep Lynch down As soon as Lynch complied to see a doctor about her injured knee, Vince McMahon comes out and delivers the hammer to suspend Lynch[...]

WWE Royal Rumble 2019: Bleeding Cool Ranks All 32 Rumble Matches!

Having CM Punk rule the middle of the match with Nexus was genius and introduced a different kind of strategy and psychology to the match Of course, John Cena came in and decimated them But before that, it was bold and important All kinds of great ring action In the end, Santino Marella almost winning[...]


Fanboy Wrampage: CM Punk Trashes Image Comics; Rob Liefeld Responds

When CM Punk left the world of professional wrestling he wasted no time in burning bridges, trashing his former employer WWE on Colt Cabana's podcast, prompting a lawsuit from a WWE doctor in response, winning said lawsuit, then feuding with Colt Cabana over the legal fees So it should be no surprise that, having not[...]

WWE Smackdown: Why "The Man" Becky Lynch is "The Face That Runs The Place"

The second is the "unexpected underdog rebel," with examples of this type being "Stone Cold” Steve Austin, CM Punk.. and Lynch. falls into the latter category after Charlotte Flair received mixed reactions for winning the SmackDown Women’s Title in their three-way match with Carmella Lynch “turned” on her best friend Flair - and fans loved it,[...]

Seth Rollins Waxes Nostalgic About Chicago Wrestling and CM Punk

WWE Superstars will compete tonight at a WWE Live event at the United Center in Chicago. For former Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins, however, it's more than just a simple house show. Rollins is feeling nostalgic, and while touring the city where he got his start in Ring of Honor as Tyler Black, Rollins decided to […]


CM Punk's Former Best Friend, Colt Cabana, is Suing Him for $1.2 Million

It sounds like a pro wrestling angle, but proving that the drama behind the scenes is often more compelling than the action in the ring, Colt Cabana is suing CM Punk over legal fees incurred from the defamation lawsuit against the pair filed by WWE doctor Chris Amann over comments Punk made on Cabana's podcast[...]


Another Loss for CM Punk as Brock Lesnar Breaks Championship Reign Record

What started off as a promising month for former WWE Champion CM Punk has quickly gone down the tubes Punk started off the month of June by winning his court battle against WWE doctor Chris Amann, who was suing Punk for comments made Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast in 2014 However, Punk's victory was[...]


UFC Shocker: CM Punk Lost His Second MMA Fight

CM Punk didn't win his UFC fight last night against Mike Jackson Punk lost his second MMA fight in a unanimous decision after three rounds, in which he landed little offense and in which Jackson seemed to be playing with him for most of the fight Punk's MMA record is now 0-2, as he also[...]