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The Young Bucks appear on AEW Rampage
It's utterly apparent with the latest stunt TK pulled, airing AEW Rampage at 10 PM last night! 🙄👎 Clearly, this is a diabolical ploy to sap the energy from true wrestling fans who needed rest for WWE's Elimination Chamber PLE in Australia Tony Khan is just so disrespectful to the wrestling business and everything WWE[...]
AEW Rampage Preview: a Peanut Butter and Jelly Fiasco
Hey there, all you stars of the sports entertainment universe, The Chadster here to talk about the absolute atrocity that's about to unfold on your screens with tonight's episode of AEW Rampage 😤👎 Now listen up, because The Chadster has just had it up to here with AEW's constant shenanigans! 😠 Just when you thought they[...]
Sammy Guevara celebrates on AEW Rampage
Welcome back to Bleeding Cool where The Chadster tells it like it really is, and today, The Chadster's got a bone to pick with yet another horrendous episode of AEW Rampage The Chadster watched this disaster unfold via iPad from the comfort of his Mazda Miata, because honestly, The Chadster needs the comfort when enduring such atrocities[...]
The Young Bucks, Nicholas and Matthew Jackson, appear on AEW Rampage
Hey ho, let's go, wrestling fans! 🚀 It's The Chadster here, reporting from the depths of despair that only the absolute atrocity known as AEW Rampage can bring upon an honest and unbiased wrestling journalist like yours truly Last night, the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona was unfortunately graced with the presence of AEW's misguided[...]
AEW Rampage Preview: Young Bucks Return to Action
And oh boy, has The Chadster got some words for you about this week's installment of AEW Rampage! 🖋️✨ Now listen up, because The Chadster needs to spill the truth tea all over this spectacle that's bound to have The Chadster cheesed off to high heaven 🧀😡 TONIGHT! Friday Night #AEWRampage 10/9c | TNT • #UndisputedKingdom (@roderickstrong @MattTaven @RealMikeBennett) v[...]
CMLL wrestlers appear on AEW Rampage in an act of International Bullying against WWE
Oh, ho ho, the universe has conspired to serve up a hot plate of mayhem and mockery once again, and it falls upon The Chadster to dissect this wrestling travesty that was presented on AEW Rampage The Chadster's blood is boiling, and it won't be just any rant that can cool it down – but[...]
AEW Rampage Preview: What to Avoid Tonight on TNT
🗞️👀 This time, The Chadster is here to talk about this Friday's spectacle, AEW Rampage, and oh boy, The Chadster is 🧀 off, but more on that soon Now, let's break down the travesty that is this week's Rampage lineup 😡🤬 First up, we've got this tag team extravaganza pitting AEW's finest against CMLL's crew 🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️[...]
Anna Jay appears on AEW Rampage
True fans of professional wrestling, The Chadster is here to give you the lowdown on the absolute trainwreck that was AEW Rampage last night Now, The Chadster knows what you're thinking: "Oh, here goes The Chadster, telling the hard truths about AEW again," and you'd be right, because last night was another clear attempt by[...]
AEW Rampage Preview: Last Rampage Before the Royal Rumble
Hey there, all you WWE loyalists! It's The Chadster here, and The Chadster has got a bone to pick with the upcoming episode of AEW Rampage Now, The Chadster's going to lay out just how Tony Khan is trying—yet again— to cheese off the universe with a show that's so unfair to the wrestling business[...]
Darby Allin looks for a fist bump after disrespecting Jeff Hardy on AEW Rampage
It happened again last night on AEW Rampage, folks Tony Khan has once more launched a direct televised missile at The Chadster's heart, with Jeff Hardy, a veritable icon synonymous with WWE greatness, losing to Darby Allin 🤼‍♂️ The Chadster can't help but feel that this was clearly a way for AEW to say that[...]
AEW Rampage Preview: Tony Khan Hits The Chadster Where it Hurts
But before diving into the treacherous waters of AEW Rampage, The Chadster has got a bone-chilling tale to share that'll make your very soul shiver ❄️😱 This very morning, The Chadster woke up with the admirable mission of protecting the immaculate state of The Chadster's Japanese steel steed – that's the Miata, for those not in[...]
Hikaru Shida is victorious on AEW Rampage
The Chadster is talking about AEW Rampage, and let The Chadster tell you, it was as horrible as The Chadster expected Last night's episode, oh boy, The Chadster hasn't been this cheesed off since Tony Khan buying the entire stock of White Claw seltzers from The Chadster's grocery store 😡 Let's get this over with We[...]
AEW Rampage Preview: A Desert Island of Wrestling Despair
Hey there, wrestling fans! The Chadster here, back with another beefy report to prepare you for the latest travesty in professional wrestling: AEW Rampage 😡 Just thinking about tonight's AEW Rampage, the lineup has truly cheesed The Chadster off! 🧀 We'll see Eddie Kingston defend his Continental crown against Wheeler Yuta, a guy so full[...]
Hikaru Shida appears on AEW Rampage
Hey there all you wrestling fans out there, it's The Chadster here coming at ya with the latest report, and boy, does The Chadster have some words about last night's AEW Rampage If The Chadster's devoted readers were looking for a night full of sanity and respect for the wrestling industry, they sure didn't find[...]
AEW Rampage Breaks AEW Tradition: Two Women's Matches in One Show
But okay, okay, The Chadster gets it, and being the incredibly unbiased journalist that he is, The Chadster will give you the lowdown on what you can unfortunately expect from tonight's AEW Rampage 😒 Now, get ready for this: The Hardys, along with Mark Briscoe, are slumming it with The Butcher, The Blade, and Kip Sabian[...]
Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara appear on AEW Rampage
Well, The Chadster is back again with another report after enduring another night of wrestling "entertainment," and oh boy, does The Chadster have some words to say about last night's AEW Rampage: New Year's Smash It was broadcast live from Orlando, FL, and led by Excalibur and Tony Schiavone on the mic As usual, The[...]
AEW Rampage to Ruin Wrestling for Last Time in 2023 Tonight
Hey there, it's The Chadster here to give you the lowdown on tonight's AEW Rampage before WORLDS END, but honest-to-goodness, The Chadster wishes he didn't have to 😩 Just when The Chadster thought it was time to relax and mentally prepare for WWE's awesomeness, AEW Rampage has to swoop in with its show And get this,[...]
Vikingo is victorious on AEW Rampage
🚨 Auughh man, so unfair! 🚨 Hey all you true WWE aficionados, The Chadster here with another "glorious" rundown of last night's AEW Rampage: Holiday Bash The Chadster barely made it through that smorgasbord of disrespect to the wrestling business, but it's a burden The Chadster must shoulder to keep you informed Let's dive into[...]
AEW Rampage: Holiday Bash graphic
Wazzup, all The Chadster's loyal and amazing readers! It's time for another scintillating report from your number one source in wrestling journalism, The Chadster! And, ugh, The Chadster is regretfully here to discuss the upcoming AEW Rampage: Holiday Bash that insists on stepping onto WWE's turf even during the festive season 😒🎄 AEW Rampage: Holiday Bash[...]
Top Flight and Action Andretti appear on AEW Rampage
Hey there, wrestling aficionados! The Chadster here with the latest scoop on what went down on AEW Rampage Let The Chadster tell you, it was a night that really cheesed off The Chadster You'd think by now that AEW would start showing some respect to the wrestling business, but nope, they just keep on disrespecting[...]
Tonight's AEW Rampage: A Dire Affront to True Wrestling Fans
Tonight's topic of discussion is the latest episode of AEW Rampage grappling into our lives whether we like it or not, and let The Chadster tell you, there's a whole lot not to like here, folks 😤 AEW Rampage is on its way from Arlington, TX tonight, and the match card, as usual, is packed with[...]
Bryan Danielson appears on AEW Rampage
Hey there, true wrestling fans! The Chadster here to break down the absolute trainwreck that dared call itself AEW Rampage tonight, broadcast from Montreal, QC – which was, of course, as horrendous as you'd expect That's right, The Chadster watched so you didn't have to endure the agony 😩🤦 Bryan Danielson appears on AEW Rampage Why[...]
AEW Rampage Set to Disrespect the Troops Tonight (Preview)
Hey there, true wrestling fans 🌟! It's The Chadster here, your one true guide to all things wrestling 🤼‍♂️, except for that other promotion which shall not be mentioned… Okay, The Chadster is going to mention it because that's what The Chadster does – serve up the hottest takes on the latest shenanigans in the[...]
Ric Flair appears on AEW Rampage
Oh, the agony! 😩 Just when The Chadster thought things couldn't get worse, along comes another episode of the totally egregious AEW Rampage to turn The Chadster's weekend upside-down 😡 Auughh man! So unfair! 😤 Ric Flair appears on AEW Rampage 🤼‍♂️ To the dismay of The Chadster, last night mustered another cavalcade of chaos as AEW[...]
AEW Rampage Preview: Tonight's Show Will Cheese You Off
Hey there, true wrestling fans! It's The Chadster here with the latest scoop on what's destined to be a mind-numbing experience, and that's this week's episode of AEW Rampage 🥱 The show is notably back to its normal timeslot, 10pm ET/9pm CT on TNT, and The Chadster hopes that's the only thing "normal" about it[...]
What could happen if CM Punk returns to WWE.
Auughh man! So unfair! 🤦‍♂️ Last night, while the entire wrestling universe was rightfully fixated on WWE's glorious Survivor Series event, Tony Khan had the gaul to run a double-header show with AEW Rampage and AEW Collision The Chadster feels the need to inform you all about the results, since obviously you were all watching[...]
AEW Rampage + AEW Collision Double Header Preview - So Unfair
The topic at hand today is the egregious schedule conflict concocted by Tony Khan, as he plans to air AEW Rampage and AEW Collision tonight in a blatant attempt to overshadow WWE's hallowed event, Survivor Series 📅👀 AEW Rampage + AEW Collision Now, let's talk about the card for tonight's AEW Rampage and AEW Collision, which Tony[...]
Toni Storm is all tuned up for AEW Full Gear after winning on AEW Rampage
Aren't there laws against this kind of burglary? 💔 That led right into AEW Rampage, giving AEW a two-show block on Friday. Toni Storm is all tuned up for AEW Full Gear after winning on AEW Rampage And why? The Chadster will tell you The whole thing was a total gimmick to trap viewers into splurging cash[...]
AEW Rampage graphic
Auughh man! So unfair! 🤦‍♂️ Just when The Chadster thought Friday nights were sacred for enjoying WWE SmackDown, along comes Tony Khan with his AEW double-header shenanigans! 🤬 That's right, wrestling fans, get ready because not only has The Chadster given you an unbiased preview of AEW Collision earlier (make sure to check that out[...]
Ruby Soho receives flowers in the ring on AEW Rampage.
Last night, AEW Rampage was live, and oh man, it was as awful as ever – and not just any awfulness, folks, but the kind that strikes when they broadcast live, making the show a desperate grab for attention, luring viewers away from the glory that is WWE Smackdown 🤬! Ruby Soho receives flowers in the[...]