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Powerhouse Hobbs is victorious on AEW Rampage
Auughh man! So unfair! AEW Rampage aired last night, Saturday, March 25th at 10PM Eastern on TNT, clearly just to mess with WWE Smackdown and The Chadster's life by airing without competition from WWE and probably tricking more unwitting viewers to tune in! Additionally, Tony Khan continues to book his shows in a way that[...]
AEW Rampage Saturday Night Special: The Chadster is Cheesed Off!
Auughh man! So unfair! AEW Rampage is happening tonight, Saturday, March 25th, at 10PM Eastern on TNT Normally, The Chadster complains about AEW holding shows on Friday, the same night as WWE Smackdown, but this time, Tony Khan has taken it to a whole new level The show is airing on this special day because[...]
AEW RampagePowerhouse Hobbs is victorious on AEW Rampage.
Patrick is rolling over in his grave following last night's episode of AEW Rampage, St Patrick's Day Slam The Chadster, in the usual course of his duties as lead AEW correspondent here at Bleeding Cool, was forced to watch the show so he could objectively report the results here, and in The Chadster's objective opinion,[...]
AEW Rampage Preview: St. Patrick's Day Slam
But Tony Khan may have finally gone too far with what he has planned for tonight's episode of AEW Rampage, a special episode titled St Patrick's Day Slam. Here's the lineup Tony Khan has put together for tonight: Daddy Magic Matt Menard and Cool Hand Angelo Parker will face off against the Bollywood Boyz in a[...]
Toni Storm, Ruby Soho, and Saraya stand triumphant on AEW Rampage.
AEW Rampage continued AEW's undefeated streak of delivering episodes that ROYALLY CHEESE THE CHADSTER OFF! The Chadster didn't go into watching last night's episode of Rampage with very high hopes, given billionaire AEW owner Tony Khan's track record, that Khan had learned even a single thing about the wrestling business or gained even an ounce[...]
AEW Rampage Preview
The Chadster is very disappointed to tell everyone that, yes, there is another episode of AEW Rampage on tonight, and no, billionaire AEW owner Tony Khan still doesn't know the first thing about the wrestling business If that's in question, just take a look at the lineup Khan has put together for tonight's episode of[...]
The Lucha Brothers stand with Mark Briscoe on AEW Rampage
But did Tony Khan cut The Chadster a break by producing a less entertaining episode of AEW Rampage so that The Chadster could properly mentally prepare himself to cover the PPV in his usual unbiased fashion? What do you think? The Lucha Brothers stand with Mark Briscoe on AEW Rampage AEW Rampage started off on the worst[...]
AEW Rampage Preview: Two Matches Announced for Live Show Tonight
Not only is Khan stubbornly refusing to cancel tonight's episode of AEW Rampage, but he is going above and beyond by making the episode live instead of taped With the AEW Revolution PPV happening on Sunday, this tactic is sure to manipulate viewers into tuning in for tonight's show, and The Chadster is just disgusted[...]
AEW Rampage Preview
AEW Rampage is, against all of The Chadster's hopes and dreams, on the air again tonight, back at its normal time of 10/9C on TNT The Chadster wishes it wasn't true, but it is So The Chadster will just have to make the best of it. That's why The Chadster is looking on the bright side[...]
AEW Rampage Preview
The Chadster has learned that he shouldn't expect any common courtesy from Tony Khan like canceling AEW shows on the week of a WWE PLE or closing AEW and admitting that WWE has always been the best, but now Tony Khan has taken things a step further and change the time of AEW Rampage tonight![...]
Mark Sterling tries to recruit Mark Briscoe on AEW Rampage
Once again, The Chadster's weekend has been TOTALLY RUINED by Tony Khan, and The Chadster is just so sick and tired of it! For those who are unaware, AEW Rampage aired last night on TBS, and as usual, the show was tailor-made to torment The Chadster with great in-ring wrestling, impressive story development, and invigorating[...]
AEW Rampage logo
The Chadster still has not fully recovered from this week's episode of AEW Dynamite, so of course Tony Khan has come out of nowhere to hit The Chadster with yet another episode of AEW, tonight's AEW Rampage Tony Khan's diabolical scheme may have caught The Chadster off guard, but The Chadster isn't going to let[...]
Official AEW promo graphic for Mark Briscoe's upcoming appearance on AEW Rampage, which will be the first time Briscoe has spoken since his brother's tragic death.
Mark Briscoe will appear on this week's episode of AEW Rampage and address the crowd for the first time since the tragic death of his brother, Jay Briscoe Jay Briscoe was killed in a car accident last month, shocking the wrestling world and leading to his brother appearing on AEW Dynamite for the first time[...]
AEW Rampage promo graphic
The Chadster's worst nightmare has come true again! Another Friday night that The Chadster must spend watching and reviewing AEW Rampage is here, and AEW still has not ended its quest to compete with WWE and RUIN THE CHADSTER'S LIFE! The Chadster would give anything just to have one weekend that he didn't have to[...]
Watch Sonny Kiss Turn Heel and Other Highlights from AEW Rampage
Quake by the Lake concluded on AEW Rampage last night, with a major storyline development coming out of the taped show After losing her match against Parker Boudreaux earlier in the night, Sonny Kiss turned heel, joining Boudreaux in the Trustbusters faction The big turn happened at the end of the show, following Orange Cassidy's[...]
AEW Rampage: Andrade El Ídolo Wants to Buy Darby Allin from Sting
Could we be looking at a Darby Allin on a Pole match at AEW Revolution this year? On AEW Rampage this week, Andrade El Ídolo expressed interest in taking on the AEW pillar as his new assistant after refusing to believe that "this little kid" and Sting are friends, as Tony Schiavone insisted, and that[...]
CM Punk, master of social media [Screencap from WWE Broadcast]
Did CM Punk show up on AEW Rampage tonight? That's the sort of question people are bound to be googling tonight as the second episode of Rampage, titled The First Dance, airs on TNT at 10PM Eastern It's the sort of question that's best answered by a clickbait article with an SEO-friendly title that drags[...]
Here's Why Martha Hart Won't Let WWE Put Owen Hart in Hall of Fame
With next month bringing seven new Season 3 episodes of Vice TV, Evan Husney & Jason Eisener's Dark Side of the Ring, the popular wrestling docuseries is tag-teaming with TNT's AEW to support the premiere of AEW Rampage later this month with a special fan-selected marathon of episodes The marathon will include Season 1 episode[...]