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The power scaling of Dragon Ball characters began to go crazy, starting with the Saiyan Saga. This intense leveling up of strength saw Goku, who was an impressively strong kid who constantly pushed through his limitations, later become a god-level power whose unrestrained ki could even threaten to rip apart the Universe. This led to some of the original Dragon Ball allies being outmatched and left behind in a way, with Tien Shinhan being one of the characters that fell into obscurity after the Cell Saga. Dragon Ball Super, though, while it continues the dramatic power scaling of characters like Goku and Vegeta, made great use of Tien Shinhan and Krillin. In many ways, Super ended up bringing back a lot of what the later Z Sagas forgot about the original Dragon Ball: the supporting cast, the humor, and the weirdness. You can now show your love for these supporting characters by bidding for this incredible original artwork.

Dragon Ball Z Tien Shinhan & Krillin artwork. Credit: Herittage
Dragon Ball Z Tien Shinhan & Krillin artwork. Credit: Heritage

Dragon Ball Z Krillin and Tien Shinhan Animation Drawing and Layout Animation Copy (Toei Animation, c.1989-96).

Besides their lack of hair, both characters share in common that they were both Goku's rivals right when they met the character. This scene comes from episode 131 "A Reality More Terrifying than the Future!? Trunks' Suspicions", as both characters witness Piccolo's fighting abilities after recovering his strength. The animation drawing is numbered B3 and has Krillin measuring 7" tall, and Tien standing at 4", both rendered in graphite, with Krillin showing orange pencil shading and a sweat drop done in blue pencil. The Layout animation is a xeroxed copy from the layout drawing from the studio, an integral part of the episode's development. The animation drawing also displays an animator's time chart on top of Krillin's head. Minor handling wear from production. Condition is Very Good.

Krillin and Tien Shinhan fans can now bid for this original artwork over at Heritage Auctions. Good luck to those hoping to bring this Dragon Ball item home into your collection.

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