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Original Dragon Ball Z Art Up for Auction Features Gohan & Krillin
You can now show your love for these supporting characters by bidding for this incredible original artwork. Dragon Ball Z Tien Shinhan & Krillin artwork Credit: Heritage Dragon Ball Z Krillin and Tien Shinhan Animation Drawing and Layout Animation Copy (Toei Animation, c.1989-96). Besides their lack of hair, both characters share in common that they were both Goku's[...]
Original Dragon Ball Z Art Up for Auction Features Gohan & Krillin
Heritage Auctions has put up some more Dragon Ball Z artwork featuring the iconic duo of Gohan and Krillin So much of Dragon Ball Z, especially the first three overarching Sagas, including the Saiyan Saga, the Frieza Saga, and the Cell Saga, could be defined by one phrase: Waiting for Goku Often, the characters found themselves having[...]
Krillin Fans Rejoice at This Dragon Ball Z Original Artwork
While Dragon Ball Z and Super has done some of the original Dragon Ball supporting cast pretty dirty, Krillin remains one of the most important and recognizable characters even to this day In the original series, he was Goku's rival, training partner, and best friend He has driven the plot forward for decades alongside Goku[...]
Artwork of Iconic Dragon Ball Z Duo of Gohan & Krillin Hits Auction
You can now bid to own original artwork featuring this iconic Dragon Ball Z duo. Gohan & Krillin from Dragon Ball Z Original Artwork Credit: Heritage Auctions Gohan & Krillin from Dragon Ball Z Original Artwork Credit: Heritage Auctions Dragon Ball Z Krillin and Gohan Animation Drawings and Layout Drawing Group of 3 (Toei Animation, c[...]
Bring A Unique Piece of Dragon Ball Z History Home Today
While the franchise has remained popular in the many years since the Dragon Ball Z anime finished its run, the 2010s saw a huge resurgence for the franchise A series of well-received games including FighterZ and Kakarot, a successful collectible card game, and the official continuation of the series through Dragon Ball Super as a manga and anime from original[...]
Funko Fair Day 2 Animation Pop Reveal Round-Up
The day opened with a huge wave of Dragon Ball Z Pops that dropped common and exclusive Pops Cell's first forms made a debut, and Super Saiyan Goku is getting three different variants as he does Kamehameha Following up next as another huge set of reveals for Naruto: Shippuden that includes not one but two[...]
New Dragon Ball Z Funko Pops Debut at Funko Fair Day 2
Starting things off first is one of the most popular anime series around with a new wave of Dragon Ball Z Pops There are a total of 12 new Dragon Ball Z Pops coming in with wave as well as 5 new Pocket Pop Keychains Four of them will be retailer exclusive, which will add new[...]
Bandai Namco Reveals Updates For Multiple Dragon Ball Z Titles
Bandai Namco revealed this week a number of updates coming to a multiple Dragon Ball Z titles that fans might be interested in The three games in question are Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 We already know about the Master Roshi addition coming to the fighting game, but[...]
Vegeta Goes Super Sayian with Prime 1 Studios Dragon Ball Z Statue
Prime 1 Studio does have a deluxe statue as well that gives Dragon Ball Z fans with three more heads and if you act now fans can get extra hands for both versions. Dragon Ball Z fans are very dedicated and this statue checks all those boxes Those statue does come with a big price tag[...]
Colossus Joins the X-Men in the Newest Iron Studios Statue
The first to come out of this series is from the hit anime Dragon Ball Z with Son Goku This new series of figure features seamless body structure, fabric cloths, and highly detailed sculpting The arms will be articulated but with not show the joint as they are covered with silicone for a flawless look[...]
SH Figuarts Piccolo Dragon Ball Z Figure
Tamashii Nations has finally dropped pre-orders for the long awaited Dragon Ball Z Piccolo figure This figure has been teased here and there but it looks like today we finally get all the pictures and details on the upcoming DBZ character The Dragon Ball villain turned hero is easily a fan favorite from the hit[...]