Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy Set to Celebrate Valentine's Day on HBO Max

With a fourth season of HBO Max's Kaley Cuoco & Lake Bell-starring Harley Quinn locked in, fans learned before the third season wrapped that Patrick Schumacker & Justin Halpern would be handing over the showrunner responsibilities to writer & consulting producer Sarah Peters (with the duo staying on as executive producers). With a change like that, you can imagine that fans are more anxious than ever to see what kind of "signature" Peters puts on the animated series. But we just learned today that viewers won't have to wait until the fourth season for a fresh Harley (Cuoco)-Ivy (Bell) fix. In February 2023, Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special will hit the streaming service, with Harley and Ivy celebrating their very first Valentine's Day together while also showing how the rest of the crew spends the gushiest, mushiest, most romantic day of the year.

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Schumacker & Halpern Talk Harley Quinn, Batman & Bruce Wayne

Schumacker & Halpern explained how it felt to portray Bruce Wayne/Batman in (how can we say this?)… a "less-than-favorable light" during the third season. At this point, we're throwing on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign and throwing down an image spoiler buffer. See you on the other side for more…

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HARLEY QUINN (Image: HBO Max Screencap)

Okay, even with the warning above? We're going to go light on the details. Suffice it to say, Bruce was the season's big bad… and like most big bads, his intentions were tragically understandable. But then there's always the problem with the execution, and when has resurrecting loved ones from the dead ever ended well? But even with Bruce now behind bars (I would be more worried about the tax stuff because that's what took down Al Capone), we're left feeling that Bruce might finally be on his way to something healthier (especially with Harley continuing as his therapist).  So you have the Joker as mayor, Harley as the newest member of the Bat-family, and Bruce Wayne in jail… not exactly your average take on the Batman universe.

"It was scary. It hadn't been done before, but we had always pitched the show from the beginning as 'This is Gotham City through Harley's eyes.' The representation of all of the characters, especially the heroes, is going to be construed through her prism. So Bruce/Batman was always going to be a wet blanket, and he was always going to be an antagonist, but not treated like a villain. So unveiling Bruce as the actual big bad of the season was our biggest swing and the thing I was most excited about," Schumacker revealed to EW about the decision to have Batman break bad this season. "It was scary to think about it, and we always think about possible fan reactions, but once we got into it, it felt really right for Harley, as the representative of the show, to treat this one-percenter as a villain. I think it paid off. A lot of people have embraced it in a really positive way."

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