I Am Groot Official Trailer: A Hero of Few Words (Literally)

There's no better time than during Marvel Studios' animation panel and no better place than San Diego Comic-Con for Marvel Studios & Disney+ to unveil the official trailer for I Am Groot. Directed by executive producer Kirsten Lepore and premiering on August 10, the series of original shorts will focus on Baby Groot's time growing up and his adventures across the galaxy. The animated series is the second "Guardians of the Galaxy"-related project that streaming fans can look forward to this year, with James Gunn's The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special set to hit the streamer later this year (but more on that in a minute).

Image: Disney+

Set to hit streaming screens on August 10, here's a look at the official trailer for Marvel Studios & Disney+'s I Am Groot:

In the past, Gunn emphasized that The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special will be a "TV special" and not a short film- and for those of you thinking "Star Wars Holiday Special," you should know that Gunn loved it when he was a kid (so did we). The concept behind the special is something that Gunn had written up as a treatment "years ago" but finished the script in April 2021. As for when the in-canon special will take place on the GotG timeline, it will be set between Thor: Love and Thunder and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. And then in an interview with Collider in support of The Suicide Squad, Gunn explained further why when it airs (and where it sits on the timeline) matters as well as first revealing his plan to film it during GotG3 filming.

"It's in-canon, it's about the Guardians, you're gonna learn stuff that you need to learn before Volume 3, and it's great I'm really happy with it," he explained. Gunn is also going to double-up on production, with the special filmed at the same time as the film. "I'm gonna film it at the same time as the movie. I'm using a lot of the same sets, the same actors obviously, so we're filming simultaneously with the film but it's gonna have to be edited and finished sooner," Gunn revealed.

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