It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: McElhenney Loves His "Kids" Equally

If you've been following our regular coverage of FXX and FX on Hulu's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, then you know that we like to keep up on what The Gang's got going on creatively outside of Paddy's Pub. After what's about to become fifteen (record-breaking) seasons, we more than understand the need to pursue other projects just to remain artistically challenged- whether it's Kaitlin Olson in Flipped or the upcoming Hacks or Glenn Howerton in A.P. Bio. It's the same thing with Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and David Hornsby's Apple TV+ video game workplace comedy series Mythic Quest, set to return to the streaming service next month. But sometimes, fans can get a little nervous- they see a new project and automatically assume that that's the project that's going to take one of their favorite actors away from their beloved show. We're guessing that if Howerton had a dollar for every time he had to say that A.P. Bio did not mean he was leaving Always Sunny, he'd have a nice retirement plan in place right now. So when Apple TV+ released a behind-the-scenes look at Mythic Quest, McElhenney took a very proactive approach to (in the immortal words of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan from The Walking Dead) shut that s**t down.

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In the following Instagram post, McElhenney got the very wise vibe that some folks might take issue with his calling Mythic Quest "the greatest show in the history of television." Breaking it down in parenting terms, McElhenney explains that "both shows are my children" before going on to explain that his "older child" Always Sunny "…is doing great. Overachieving actually. Breaking records, winning awards (well not the last one)"- essentially saying that the "older child" has what they need right now to keep being successful. But Mythic Quest "is just a baby" that's in of "love and positive reinforcement"- so that's why he went with the hyperbole. But rest assured, Paddy's patrons: "when the next season of the other one comes out, I'll give her all the love and attention she deserves. Because I'm a good Dad." Here's a look at the post to put Always Sunny fans' minds at ease:

Now here's a look at the said video, where McElhenney and the rest of the team discuss what went into the making of the season as well as what viewers can expect when Mythic Quest returns on May 7 to Apple TV+:

With executive producer and star McElhenney, executive producer Megan Ganz, and the team from Mythic Quest ready to return for a second season on May 7 (and with the special episode "Everlight" currently streaming), Apple TV+ released an official trailer that finds McElhenney's Ian Grimm and Charlotte Nicdao's Poppy Li not only partners but also a well-oiled machine where they read each other's thoughts, finish each other's sentences, and agree on every creative direction. Sounds great, right? And yet as you're about to see, it's easy to understand why David (Hornsby) has some grave concerns…

"Mythic Quest" Season 2 finds everyone back in the office (well, almost everyone), attempting to build upon the success of Raven's Banquet by launching an epic new expansion. But Ian (McElhenney) and the newly promoted co-creative director, Poppy (Nicdao), struggle with the game's direction. Meanwhile, C.W. (F. Murray Abraham) reconciles some unresolved issues from his past, the testers (Ashly Burch and Imani Hakim) test the bounds of an office romance, and David (David Hornsby) loses yet another woman in his life as Jo (Jessie Ennis) leaves him to assist Brad (Danny Pudi).

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: McElhenney Loves His "Kids" Equally
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Mythic Quest is executive produced by McElhenney and Charlie Day under their RCG production banner; Michael Rotenberg and Nicholas Frenkel of 3Arts; and Jason Altman, Danielle Kreinik, and Gérard Guillemot for Ubisoft Film & Television. Hornsby and Megan Ganz also executive produce. The series is produced by the Lionsgate/3 Arts Entertainment venture and Ubisoft.

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