Manifest Season 4 Part 1 Trailer: Final Descent Begins This November

Heading into Netflix's global fan event Tudum, fans of Jeff Rake's Manifest had a ton of questions for the new season. From the murder of Ben's (Josh Dallas) wife and the kidnapping of their child to Cal (Jack Messina) disappearing after touching the plane's tail fin… and then returning five years older (with Ty Doran taking over the role) to drop this line: "I know what I have to do now." And don't get us started on what's going on with the disappearing and reappearing flight captain. Now, we have an official trailer to pass along to help with some of those answers.

MANIFEST (Image: Netflix)

With the beloved series' "final descent" set to begin on November 4th, here's a look at the official trailer for Netflix's Manifest Season 4 Part 1:

"When you turn on the next episode, it's two years later, and not only is Ben still deeply in the depths of depression and trauma over the loss of his wife, but you'll, of course, recall that that was only half the tragedy," Rake revealed during a recent interview with the streaming service. "The other half was the kidnapping of his infant daughter, and tragically, two years later, she's still missing." As Ben deals with "the terrible and torturous hole that he's plunged himself into," Cal is trying to figure out what's going on, where he's been and what it all means. "There's sort of an amnesia there, and it'll take these episodes and adventures that he's put on throughout this journey to piece it back together," Rake revealed. "And that's just on the mythological side. On the emotional side, he looks like he's a grownup, but psychologically, he's still a little boy." But through there will be personal focuses, the series' overarching mystery/conspiracy will also be directly addressed. "As exhausting and crazy-making as these callings [are] and the responsibility of being an 828er is, it's not just about them," explained Rake. "The interconnectedness of all of us, and how small actions can have implications that cascade outward and touch the whole world is what the show is about."

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