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NOS4A2: Joe Hill Talks Season 3 Possibilities, Expanding the Universe

If you haven't watched the second season finale of AMC and BBC America's NOS4A2, then I would strongly advise you to stop reading this since there's a big wave of MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! and we're getting right into it. So the creative team behind the series kept their promise by giving us an end to the Vic McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings) and Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto) war. With that said… you don't want to wrap up a series too much without leaving some sweet season 3 possibilities still in play.

A scene from the season 2 finale of NOS4A2 (Image: AMC Networks)
A scene from the season 2 finale of NOS4A2 (Image: AMC Networks)

Maggie (Jahkara Smith) exploring more aspects of the world of thought and her journey through the "hotel"? Yup, I'm there. Elevating the conflict to the next generation of McQueen/Manx is also ripe with possibilities- especially with Millie (Mattea Conforti) and Wayne (Jason David) beginning to adopt each other's perspectives (and Millie clearly following in her father's footsteps). In fact, that's one of the storyline threads that author and series executive producer Joe Hill told EW could definitely be followed up on if there's a third season: "I think there's no reason to assume there will be a third season of NOS4A2, but if there was a third season I think one of the questions it would have to answer is, can Wayne pull Millie towards humanity or will Millie pull him towards monster-ousness?"

While he would definitely consider having Manx back if AMC ever wanted to adapt his graphic novel Wraith ("I would love to see that as a standalone movie, so if AMC ever wants to do a spin-off film, like they did with El Camino and Breaking Bad, I'd be all for it. Let's go!"), Hill believes that expanding the spotlight is the direction the series should move in: "We know that Maggie is interested in making contact with other strong creatives and that could lead her to trouble. There are some good folks out there like Jolene, who we met in season 1, but there are plenty more folks like the Hourglass, and if Maggie comes across someone like that, she's going to need Vic."

Hill also clarified that the Maggie-focused "The Crooked Valley" was an idea he had for a novella and was not created as a spinoff series: "I've had an idea for years for a story called 'The Crooked Alley,' which is about Maggie Leigh, and takes place not long after Maggie first meets Vic McQueen in the novel. I've seen that hilariously reported as a spin-off TV series and, just to clarify, it's an idea for a novella." And while fans might be looking for more of the NOS4A2 universe on screen, Hill reminded us that most of his works exist within a common universe: "In some ways, I think all the books I've written sort of take place in the same world, with the exception of 'The Fireman.' Because the Night Road appears in 'Heart-Shaped Box' and, in NOS4A2, when we see this map, the United Inscapes of America, one of the Inscapes we see is the Lovecraft Keyhole, which is a reference to Keyhouse ['Locke & Key'], another is to the Treehouse of the Mind, which is a reference to 'Horns.'"

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