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With AMC's The Walking Dead recently wrapping up 11 epic seasons, TWD fans are turning their attention to Fear the Walking Dead and the three spinoff series in play for their walker fixes One of those spinoffs is The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, with Norman Reedus's main man finding himself in France Big problem? He's[...]
Gangs of London Season Two Premieres on AMC+ on November 17th
Gangs of London, the hit Sky series co-produced by AMC Studios in the US, has been renewed for a third season This comes just a month after season two was released in the UK The second season is currently released every Thursday on AMC+ in the US. "Gangs of London" CR: AMC Gangs of London is a[...]
The Walking Dead: Here's Another BTS Look at TWD Time Jump Alt Ending
Whatever you might think about the images from the alternate ending that The Walking Dead Cinematographer Duane Charles Manwiller (currently: Madame Web) began sharing last week, I think we can all agree that AMC needs to release that scene sooner rather than later (watch it end up on AMC+) In case you hadn't heard, it[...]
walking dead
Now, as promised, Manwiller has posted another image from the alternate ending… and this time, we're getting a much better look at the future of the TWD universe. Kien Michael Spiller as Hershel, Anthony Azor as RJ, Cailey Fleming as Judith, Annabelle Holloway as Gracie – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 8 – Photo[...]
The Walking Dead: Dead City Offers Fresh Look at Negan/Maggie Spinoff
Though the flagship series may have ended its run after 11 seasons, we know that the universe of AMC's The Walking Dead will be as active as ever Because the future includes a new season of Fear the Walking Dead, a second season (fingers crossed) of the anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead, and[...]
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So with the series finale of AMC's The Walking Dead, we were left with a pretty good sense of where everyone was at after a one-year time jump shows how the communities have been growing And, of course, we can't forget the scenes that brought Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) back to[...]
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Okay, we've seen the images from the series finale of AMC's The Walking Dead, as well as behind-the-scenes images & video of how it all came together But today, AMC gave the people what they want That's right, we have the official release of the moment from "Rest in Peace" that brought Michonne (Danai Gurira)[...]
The Walking Dead: Lincoln Needed Walker Kill; Gurira on "Michonne 2.0"
Earlier this week, we shared two image galleries that highlighted the returns of Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) to the TWDU near the end of the series finale of AMC's The Walking Dead Serving as both a fitting moment to wrap up the long-running series as well as a door-opener to what[...]
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While the finale of AMC's The Walking Dead left a lot for us to process when it comes to how everyone was positioned heading into the future (a rewatch or two are definitely in order), it's safe to say that the end sequence that brought us up-to-date on where Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Rick Grimes[...]
We Ain't & Will Always Be The Walking Dead: Season 11 Ep. 24 Review
After 11 seasons of triumphs & tragedies… hope & heartbreak… AMC's The Walking Dead ended its run on Sunday night with the appropriately-titled "Rest in Peace." I say it's appropriate because the title of the Greg Nicotero-directed (with a story from Angela Kang and a teleplay from Corey Reed & Jim Barnes) series-ender is a[...]
The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan knows what should happen to Trump. (Image: AMC)
With only hours to go until the series finale of AMC's The Walking Dead, fans are preparing to say goodbye to the 11-season chapter while also preparing for what's to come with a number of previously-announced spinoffs as well as the return of Fear the Walking Dead Of course, there's no future without first finding[...]
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With only a little more than 24 hours to go until the series finale of AMC's The Walking Dead hits our screens, you can vibe the emotions building on social media from the fans (us included) And as much as we know that the franchise's fanbase is massive and diverse, it was still a pleasant[...]
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This Sunday brings the series finale of AMC's The Walking Dead, with a night filled with on-screen events to honor the closing of one chapter and to celebrate the opening of several others So just to make sure that your "feels" are prepared enough to get the crap kicked out of them in about 48[...]
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During one of the last times we checked in with AMC's The Walking Dead showrunner & EP Angela Kang ahead of this Sunday night's series finale, she was dropping some interesting comments about the Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) spinoff and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) & Maggie's (Lauren Cohan) The Walking Dead: Dead City both starting[...]
The Walking Dead Finale Info; Melissa McBride-Approved Carol Ending
With only days to go until the series finale of AMC's The Walking Dead, we're going to be coming at you over the next few days But not just to look back over the past 11 seasons but also to look ahead to what the future brings via the spinoffs For this go-around, we have[...]
Gangs of London Season 2 Exclusive Clip Previews Elliot's Return
With less than a day to go until Gareth Evans & Matt Flannery's AMC+ Original series Gangs of London comes storming back to our screens, it's pretty clear from what we've seen from the trailers that this season plans to blow past the pretty high bar set by its freshman outing To do that, they've clearly[...]
mayfair witches
We understand that fans of AMC's Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire are having to deal with that awkward limbo time that exists between seasons And after that big reveal during the end moments of the finale, it's even more understandable But they should take heart in knowing that their return visit to the late[...]
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It's weird to think that this will be the last preview image gallery for AMC's The Walking Dead for, like… ever Not completely sure it's fully sunk in yet, and this weekend's penultimate chapter (check out our review/series finale speculation article here) didn't do a whole lot to calm our nerves Thankfully, Showrunner & EP[...]
Good Night, And Good Luck: AMC to Adapt Clooney Film to TV Series
One of the most critically-acclaimed journalism biopics in George Clooney's Good Night, and Good Luck will be getting adapted for TV series courtesy of AMC Networks It will be one of three film-to-TV projects the company may adopt for its cable network or its streamer counterpart AMC+ opening a writers' room as part of its[...]
Interview with the Vampire
The season finale of AMC's Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, "The Thing Lay Still," was just… wow First thing, though: this episode was so intense that I found myself having to watch through my sleep shirt because my heart could not take it It was as if some monster would suddenly pop out of[...]
The Walking Dead
Directed by Sharat Raju and written by Magali Lozano, Erik Mountain & Kevin Deiboldt, AMC's The Walking Dead S11E23 "Family" did an excellent job of meeting the essential requirements of an effective penultimate episode First, it brought a number of storylines much closer together in a way that made sense and never felt rushed, setting up[...]
The Walking Dead Season 11 E23 Preview: Judith's Definitely a Grimes
With only one episode to go until the series finale of AMC's The Walking Dead, we have a new preview for "Family" that's giving us seriously bad vibes regarding Judith's (Cailey Fleming) chances of being around when the end credits roll We touched upon it when the opening, Judith-narrated flashback was released (more on that[...]
the walking dead
Giving the cast and crew the opportunity to reflect on the series while showing how they came together to bring the long-running series to its epic conclusion, AMC's The Walking Dead: The Making of the Final Season will be screening this weekend, ahead of the penultimate episode, S11E23 "Family" (followed by another episode of the[...]
interview with the vampire
Well, there's no easier way to tell the season finale of AMC & Rolin Jones' (Perry Mason, Weeds) Sam Reid, Jacob Anderson, Bailey Bass & Eric Bogosian-starring Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire is going to be a big one than by the fact that AMC dropped two previews for it in one day[...]
interview with the vampire
But here we are, only two days away from the season finale of AMC & Rolin Jones' (Perry Mason, Weeds) Sam Reid, Jacob Anderson, Bailey Bass & Eric Bogosian-starring Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire And with things having reached a deadly endgame for Lestat (Reid), Louis (Anderson), and Claudia (Bass), Claudia sees only one option remaining if[...]
the walking dead
One of the things that the geniuses behind AMC's The Walking Dead have done with this final run of episodes is an intro for each one with a thematic look back at how what's happening now thematically connects with the long-running series' previous seasons And having Judith (Cailey Fleming) narrate the scenes only serves to[...]
Kelly Sue DeConnick and Bill Sienkiewicz take Parisian White to AMC
AMC time! Back in June 2015, Bleeding Cool mentioned a new comic by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Bill Sienkiewicz, called Parisian White Over eight years later, we get the word that it will now be published by AMC Networks Publishing, a publishing spinoff of the broadcasting brand that intends to work with established and up-and-coming[...]
walking dead
With only two episodes remaining, fans of AMC's The Walking Dead have started crafting their It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia/Pepe Silvia conspiracy theory boards to help them figure out how it's all going to end On top of that, we have a number of spinoffs in play that the finale will also have to set[...]
walking dead
With only two episodes to go, we're expecting that most fans of AMC's The Walking Dead are preparing themselves for the emotional punches, heartbreak & heroism that lies ahead And if you think it's getting tough to take now, just wait until everyone & their mothers start reflecting on the series next week, leading up[...]
The Walking Dead
With only two episodes remaining, we have a look at the overview and preview images for AMC's The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 23, "Family." To say that we're going to see a number of our storyline threads come crashing together in some horrifically brutal ways would be an understatement But before the second-to-last episode[...]