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Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) will star in the series, which is set up at AMC/Alibi Henry Lloyd-Hughes and Thalissa Teixeria will join her after being cast this afternoon The series received a six-episode order in February Hale will play a new recruit helping track down a new serial killer nicknamed "The Ragdoll Killer", who will[...]
fear the walking dead
After two tragic, shocking, and emotionally gut-punching episodes of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead, it appears Morgan (Lennie James) and our heroes are finally on their way to creating the community they've fought over two seasons to achieve And now this is where the real hard work begins- as we're about to see in the[...]
Fear the Walking Dead S06E09: Intense, Emotional "What If…?": Review
AMC's Fear the Walking Dead was looking to send a message that when they say "game-changing season where no one is safe," and they did it in a way that felt like a kick to the chest What it also did was dramatically speed up the inevitable confrontation between Morgan (Lennie James) and Virginia (Colby Minifie)[...]
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The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been our one-stop-shopping when it comes to updates on the 11th and final season of the long-running AMC series Just recently, fans got a heads-up that the team would be working on TWD from now through March 2022, that Morgan's 11-year-old son Gus Morgan would appear in[...]
Image to Publish The Art Of AMC's The Walking Dead Universe
But so did the TV show from AMC And now Image Comics, Skybound and AMC are to publish The Art of AMC's The Walking Dead Universe, AMC's first venture into publishing. The Art Of AMC's The Walking Dead Universe A compilation of behind-the-scenes pre-production and production art from The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and The[...]
Fear the Walking Dead S06E09 Preview: Virginia Goes Full-On Negan
Heading into this weekend's episode of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead, the big pile of dynamite that is the growing war between Morgan (Lennie James) and Virginia (Colby Minifie) looks like it's ready to go off Morgan's best friend John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) is dead- killed by Dakota (Zoe Colletti), the best bargaining chip Morgan has against[...]
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Well, by now everyone pretty much knows the heartbreaking news from this past weekend's episode of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead, "The Door." By the time the credits rolled, Morgan (Lennie James) learned the brutal, shocking truth about Dakota (Zoe Colletti)- but that truth came at a horrible cost: John Dorie's (Garret Dillahunt) life[...]
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Go see it now and then come back? Otherwise, we'll see you after the following image spoiler buffer… Fear the Walking Dead – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC First? F**k you, Satrazemis, Goldberg, and Chambliss. Second? Thank you, Satrazemis, Goldberg, and Chambliss. It's our fault, actually We only have ourselves to blame Because as much as the cast and crew[...]
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Satrazemis, and written by Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss, "The Door" brought AMC's Fear the Walking Dead back for the second half of a sixth season that's been embraced by viewers and critics alike- one that's seen the series not only gain new viewers but also win back some who left the spinoff ahead of[...]
Jimmy is torn between staying Jimmy and giving in to being Saul Goodman in Better Call Saul, courtesy of AMC Studios.
How would you like to see all 13 episodes right now? Seriously… right now? Well, you came to the right place- sorta. Photo Credit: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television Checking in with his co-host Eric Broadbent for the recent edition of the Inside The Gilliverse, Schnauz revealed that the series was "deep in writing scripts and production." In addition,[...]
Gangs of London S01E01 Part 2 Preview: Sean's Not Interested in Peace
After last week's explosive incidents caused tidal waves across London's murky underworld and lighting a fuse that could set the entire city ablaze, AMC's Gangs of London takes a slight pause this week to allow the Wallace family to pay their last respects to Finn (Colm Meaney)- and for Sean (Joe Cole) to turn over[...]
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Even with The Walking Dead having just wrapped its tenth season (again) with a set of six special episodes that elevated the series to new creative heights, you would think AMC would give the team some time to breathe and decompress But when you're looking to kick off a 24-episode 11th and final season on[...]
the walking dead
Could it be for a flashback? Is this "The King's" new look as he and the others are processed into the Commonwealth? Looks like we'll start finding out in a little more than four months. Image: Screencap Here's a look at Nicotero and Payton's Instagram posts, followed by some of the more recent intel viewers have gotten[...]
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Deadline Hollywood reported exclusively that Max Osinski (Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Shameless) was set to recur when the series returns in the role of Dennis, a once dedicated and disciplined soldier who is now trying to pick up the pieces of his life. Image: ABC/AMC Networks In the clip released last year, AMC offered a calendar for what TWD[...]
better call saul
One of the dozens of highlights that came with the fifth season of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould's Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn-starring Better Call Saul was how the AMC prequel series was beginning to fold itself into Breaking Bad canon as it inches closer to its sixth and final season One of the biggest[...]