"Prodigal Son": 5 Reasons Why FOX's Michael Sheen-Tom Payne Series is Worth Investigating

If you haven't added FOX's Prodigal Son to your "Must View" list (I mean, there's a reason it made The Bleeding Cool TV Top 10 Best of 2019), then here are five reasons you need to binge watch the Michael SheenTom Payne-starrer before it returns on Monday, January 20th:


● Murder, brutal grotesque murder; crime scenes with heads being bashed in, quadruple family homicides with members being tied up and a mouth sawed shut; victims with his brain missing, victims turned to pancakes at a car yard.  The creativity and variety of the murders to solve make this show a fantastic police procedural – there is something for everyone

● Solving the intriguing puzzle of Jessica's (Bellamy Young) involvement with Dr. Whitly aka The Surgeon's (Sheen) murders.  Although the overbearing mother has began to be painted as a humanitarian in the last few episodes wanting nothing more than to protect her children and seek vengeance against her husband – I can's seem to ignore the nagging feeling that she somehow knew about his extracurricular activities and chose to look the other way, that is until his son turned him in and he is now housed in a facility, locked up for life.

● Gory flashbacks and hallucinations. Bright (Payne) has grown wild in his imaginary world.  What started as merely chaining himself in bed with a mouth guard to avoid hostile outbursts due to night terrors, has now manifested itself in to real life hallucination. Giving normalcy a try, Bright at one point tries to have a relationship and almost stabs the woman thinking she is the "girl in the box" there to kill him. So if you are the type of viewer who enjoy horror and things randomly appearing out of thin air with a demonic undertone, Prodigal Son blissfully delivers on that.

● Bright's rogue profiler antics. Bright follows absolutely no rules, or protocols, there is no system for him, and he in essence is very much a rogue, doing whatever, whenever he wants, as evident by the mid-season finale when he goes after a serial killer solo and gets himself kidnapped. The reason this show had me hooked from the first episode: Bright saves a man from a bomb with 75 seconds to go – by hacking off his arm. How could he not be grateful?

● The Dr. Whitly and Malcolm Bright chemistry.  The father, a sociopathic serial killer trying desperately to build a relationship with his children, especially his son who in my opinion he is torturing and manipulating in hopes of vicariously living through him. The intense interactions between the two of them is almost hypnotic, you can feel the torment, the hatred, yet the intrigue coming off of Bright to prove to himself he is not like his father, yet knowing all to well, that the serial killer blood run too thickly in his veins.

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