Seth Rollins Was Ready to Go During RAW's Gauntlet Match, But it Wasn't Enough

Last night's Monday Night RAW opened with a gauntlet match, which opened with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. The two partners duked it out for a while, making for a decent match. I think Reigns needs to retire his Superman punch, though, as it appears everyone has been dodging it recently. After some back and forth, Rollins got the win.

Of course, right after Reigns came John Cena. And Rollins wasted no time continuing the match.

The slug fest went on, even with Rollins wearing down. To his credit, he did get Cena down a number of times. Rollins is a talented wrestler, and this match showcased his abilities well. Cena is still good, too, and matched Rollins's quickness. The two made the most of their ring time together — there were a number of close calls on both count-outs and tags. Even more to Rollins's credit is he has been in the ring for over 50 minutes against two of WWE's darlings.

After what felt like forever, Rollins got the win with a curb stomp. Seriously — if you weren't a fan of Seth Rollins before, I hope this match changes your mind. After Cena lost, Elias came out like a bullet from a gun. His aggression and desire was real, but Rollins wasn't giving up.

Rollins at this point looked exhausted. He wasn't at peak performance for Elias, and it worked against him. In a quick turnaround, Elias picked Rollins off. I was rooting for Rollins tonight, and this was a hell of a push for him. Even though he didn't win, he gave it his all. Thankfully, Finn Balor came out next to make everything better (for me).

There was a slight disadvantage for Elias. Balor came in fresh and ready to fight. Elias was slightly worn down from Rollins, and possibly the bass from last week's RAW, but damn if he didn't give Balor a run for his money.

Elias and Balor really brought out the best in each other. The two weren't afraid to throw each other around, and Balor was as high-flying as ever. Even though I adore Balor, there's no denying Elias's talent. However, Balor did win, which brought out The Miz next.

The Miz wasted no time, much like everyone before him. And just like everyone before him, Balor wasn't going down without a fight.

Watching these two go at it was a treat, though. Miz was brutal on Balor's shoulder, but Balor isn't that easy. Balor even took out the Miztourage before going full force on Miz.

Unfortunately due to interference, the Miz won. I'm sure that will in no way bite Miz in the ass. And oh, did it ever.

Braun Strowman came storming out, which caused Miz to run — literally run — into the audience. There's not much Miz could have done. To his credit, Miz did get some good kicks in. But he simply wasn't prepared for Strowman's size and power. Strowman won the match with a power slam, just shy of the two-hour mark for the match. This was an amazing way to start RAW, as it did showcase most of the big names on RAW currently.

After his win, Strowman celebrated by slamming everyone of the Miztourage a few times, cementing the fact that they, too, could catch those hands.

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