Stephen King Talks 5 Fav Works; "Not the Brightest Bulb" Ron DeSantis

When it comes to the amazing, incredible, probably-a-Time-Lord-due-to-how-much-he-writes author Stephen King, we wear our bloody, beating heart on our sleeves for his genius. The Shining, Salem's Lot, and On Writing would definitely make our "desert island bookshelf" (and he's the only one with multiple titles). So when we heard that he was going to be a guest of Stephen Colbert's this week to promote his new novel Billy Summers, we couldn't miss it. And guess what? Spoiler! Colbert and King didn't disappoint- starting with Colbert asking King to name the five works of his that he considers his best (among a sea of bests, if we can throw in our two cents).

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Here's a look at the clip where King lists off some familiar names and some surprising entries:

Yup, King kicked things off with a surprising choice, the short story "Survivor Type." From there, the famed author listed Misery, Lisey's Story, and The Stand, before wrapping it up with the novella "The Body" (the basis for the 1986 film Stand By Me). But wait! There's more! Not one to shy away from offering his opinions on current events, the author & part-time Florida resident explains all of the reasons he has to dislike Governor Ron DeSantis:("not the brightest bulb in the chandelier"):

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