Super Crooks Anime Set for November; Netflix Releases Teaser, Key Art

When the news broke this past summer around the time it was announced that a second season of Jupiter's Legacy was a no-go, Mark Millar promised that viewers would be getting a chance to preview the anime adaptation of his and Leinil Yu's comic book, Super Crooks. Well, that promise was kept on Saturday during Netflix's global fan event Tudum with the release of the first teaser ahead of the 13-episode series premiere on November 25, 2021. The superpowered heist story showcasing the super-villains' side of things is lushly produced by Bones. Based on Millar and Yu's original graphic novel, the series is directed by Motonobu Hori, with Dai Sato serving as writer & story editor, and Towa Tei composing. Yu supervised character designs created by Takashi Mitani.

super crooks
Image: Netflix

So here's a first look at the super-heist of the millennia, with Netflix's Super Crooks ready to steal your streaming screens on November 25th:

In this anime adaptation, small-time crook Johnny Bolt recruits the ultimate crew for one last heist — for real! From comic book legend Mark Millar, this super-powered heist story about eight super-villains is jam-packed with action.

Back in June, Millar also announced that the streaming service was moving forward on a live-action series based on Super Crooks when he also revealed that Jupiter's Legacy would not continue as an ongoing series with a second season. "I'm really proud of what the team achieved with 'Jupiter's Legacy' and the amazing work everyone did on that origin season," Millar posed in a statement on Twiter. "I've been asked a lot about what we're planning next with this world and the answer is to see what the super-villains are getting up to. I've always loved crime stories from Scorsese to Tarantino and super-villains are always the most fun part of any superhero story. To do something exclusively focused on the villains they fight just feels incredibly fresh as we explore what it's like to be a bad guy in a world crawling with good guys who want to put you in jail."

super crooks
Image: Netflix

Millar continued, "'Jupiter's Legacy' is a vast and rich space with lots of characters to mine and so I'm happy to share that our next step here is a live-action version of the 'Supercrooks' comic I created with Leinil Francis Yu a few years back. Given where we're going next, we've made the tough call of letting our incredible cast out of their show commitment as we continue to thoughtfully develop all realms of the 'Jupiter's Legacy' saga. We're confident we'll return to it later and just want to say thanks to you guys for your continued support and to the cast and crew who made this look so great."

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