"Supernatural B.C."? "Dorian Gray" Reimagined? "Wonderful Life" Sequel Series? 3 "Lost" Pilot Pitches The CW Should Already Be Calling Us About

You know that old adage about how those who can act or sing secretly want to be pro athletes, and vice-versa? Or how every actor yearns to direct? We're going to be talking about Supernatural in a minute – and there we have a perfect example of leads looking to flex their artistic muscles in other areas.

That exists in entertainment/pop culture journalism, too. Some have used reporting and reviewing as a springboard to working on set with production, writing, etc.

Personally, that's not me – or at least, not yet.

Of course, that's an easy position for me to take considering I'm in possesion of…

The CW/NBCUniversal/Warner Bros.

The 3 Greatest "Lost" CW Series Pilot Ideas Ever!

But to prove to you that sharing truly is caring – and to use this as a "backdoor copyright" in case any of you get any ideas – I'm going to pry open the vaults of my brain to make the world a better place with talk of a Supernatural prequel series centered around the birth of Jesus Christ… a remimagining of The Picture of Dorian Gray… and a gothic-supernatural sequle series to It's A Wonderful Life.

I know. I'm excited, too. Thinking minimum two-season commitment.

The CW

"Supernatural B.C." or "Supernatural: Magi of the Chester Winds"

What if the "Winchester" tradition of fighting monsters and demons started long before the adventures of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles)? Let's say during the time of Christ – or more specifically, just before the birth of baby Jesus?

In prequel series Supernatural B.C. or Supernatural: Knights of the Chester Winds, we start with the premise that Kings Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar actually weren't just on a journey to witness Jesus' birth – they were on a mission to protect it from demonic forces that would go to any lengths to prevent the birth from happening.

These "Magi of the Chester Winds" (overarching mythology involving "The Temple of the Chester Winds" will be fleshed-out over time) travel the ancient lands in search of who is behind the growing threat – while never knowing if the next person they encounter is friend or foe, or what devilish danger will taste their steel.

NOTES: First thing we're thinking? We're all about the Winchester/Chester Winds twist. Second thing we're thinking? Have Sam, Dean, and/or Castiel (Misha Collins) narrate the story (wouldn't even have to depend on how the series ends). What could add another layer? Maybe have Castiel be Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar's "angelic advisor" who could make guest appearances but not have to commit to a full-time contract. Also, the time period and location make it a natural for diverse casting and creative hiring.

"D. Gray"

In this reimagining/pseudo-sequel to The Picture of Dorian Gray, Derek Gray runs Gray's International Antiques & Collectibles – a company that specializes in finding very pricey and exclusive things for very rich and influential people.

Derek and his team are very good at what they do – and they are paid very well for their services.

In fact, they're paid so well that it helps fund the other thing they're very good at: helping those who've lost too much in life. Whether reuniting loved ones, returning prized possessions, or evening the odds when all seems lost, Wilde-Townsend Investigations is more about doing the right thing than turning a profit.

But Derek has his own secret – or more precise, his own curse… a family curse.

In a series-long backstory that will be explained over time, generations of Gray men have been cursed with eternal youth – but with a catch. While they remain young, a painting of them will continually grow old – a painting they must always have in their possession.

But never look at. For if they do, they die.

If someone else claims the painting, then they can take control – like a puppet master.

As Derek searches for the truth behind his family's darkest secrets for a clue to break the curse, he's taken a few modern precautions: having an image of the painting digitized, and the original destroyed. Setting up a system that never has the image on any one cloud service for any serious amount of time, Derek believes he's found the perfect loophole to buy him time to get some answers.

Of course, there's the matter of someone (or something) online that's very interested in Derek's dealings…

NOTES: Derek looks eternally young, but he's not immortal. He has heightened senses and fighting skills, but most of his skills come from experience over time. We like the idea of Derek having a "love triangle" with a male and female romantic interest. Basing it out of New Orleans (and with a Lucifer vibe), we already have two character ideas for the Gray's International Antiques & Collectibles / Wilde-Townsend Investigations team.

● A reincarnated pirate who is looking to make up for a past life of murdering and pillaging by helping people get back the things they lost.

● A shapeshifter with PTSD-induced amnesia who can't remember who they really are, meaning every form could be their proper form – they just don't know. Gray and this character have a very personal bond, with Gray promising the character answers in exchange for their help.

"Bedford Falls"

Okay, this time we went with a pilot rough draft overview for a very dark sequel series to It's A Wonderful Life (we live in a Cobra Kai world now, people) – and the tagline?

"Every Time a Bell Rings… The Mystery Deepens"

"Life's been pretty good  now for Dawn Bailey, but that wasn't always the case: growing up in her family's now nearly 75-year-old investment firm B.B.Inc., Dawn found herself constantly having to work twice as hard, twice as long, to prove that she was deserving of her success. But those years have paid off for Dawn: now president of her family's Manhattan office – the final step as the heir apparent to the B.B. Inc. throne.

Yet she can't help shake this feeling that her life is a little off… that something isn't quite right…

And then the call that would change her life forever: George Bailey III, patriarch of the Bailey family and business, was dead. Suicide. A tragic reminder of her family's past. After a whirlwind of tears and phone calls, Dawn finds herself on a jet making her way back to where it all began: Bedford Falls, home of her family's greatest successes and darkest secrets.

The town would nurture the beginnings of the Bailey business – and drive Dawn's great-grandfather George to take his own life on a wintry night in 1945, a desperate move to escape the humiliation of being convicted for fraud. The town is also home to Potter Investments, the family's financial rival and hedge fund investment firm – and who some believe had a hand in both Georges' death.

But what of the old homeless man who follows Dawn everywhere, appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye? It's not so much his presence as it is the mantra the odd man repeats over and over again that chills Dawn's soul – opening her mind up to the possibility that her life isn't as wonderful as she once thought…

'He didn't jump. Please, I need my wings. I'll be good. He didn't jump. Please, I need my wings. I'll be good. He didn't jump. Please, I need my wings. I'll be good…'"

NOTE: For a religious/supernatural slant, we could have it that no angels have gotten their wings since whatever it was that happened to change things – adds a "24 – beat the clock" aspect to it.

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