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If you're a fan of Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki-starring Supernatural, then it's pretty safe to say that you're already well aware of why today's date is so important It was on May 2, 1983, when Padalecki's Sam Winchester was born to John & Mary Winchester in Lawrence, Kansas While the SPN Family awaits news of[...]
And just like that, a whole lot of Supernatural & The Boys fans suddenly became fans of Justin Hartley (NBC's This Is Us)-starring Tracker Okay, we're joking – and it's not like the CBS series isn't doing more than fine on its own when it comes to ratings But the show definitely made headlines with[...]
the boys
It was back in June 2022 when The Boys Showrunner Eric Kripke addressed the possibility of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jared Padalecki joining him, Jensen Ackles, and others for an unofficial on-set Supernatural reunion "Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a superfan of the show, so he and I are talking We're trying to figure out something for[...]
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Supernatural -- "Carry On" -- Image Number: SN1520C_0015r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean -- Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
If you've been following our coverage of Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki-starring Supernatural over the past few months, then you know that Ackles & Padalecki haven't exactly kept it a secret that they're more than game for a return – as long as it's in a way that does right by the franchise and its fans[...]
the walking dead
With filming about to get underway on the second season of AMC's Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Lauren Cohan-starring The Walking Dead: Dead City, it only makes sense that Jensen Ackles (Supernatural, The Boys) would appear – right? Okay, maybe we blindsided you with that opener – but it's not like all three don't have Supernatural in common[...]
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"I have some ideas, and I hope that now that the writers are back and the actors are back, we all get together," Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) shared with the audience at the 2023 Creation Honolulu convention back in December regarding the possibility of more Supernatural on the horizon Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) added, "Stay[...]
If someone mentions "Supernatural" and "Batman," more often than not, Jensen Ackles' name comes to mind He's voiced The Dark Knight & Bruce Wayne in animated features such as Batman: The Long Halloween & Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earth, nearly donned the cape & cowl for The CW's Gotham Knights (more on that in a[...]
Supernatural, The Boys Star Jensen Ackles Posts Holiday Greetings
Heading into the holiday season, we passed along the news that Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki had some very interesting things to say about the possibility of them returning to the Supernatural franchise – but those "conversations" were staying on the down-low for now (more on that in a minute) And then there's the not-so-small matter of[...]
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When it comes to Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki-starring Supernatural, neither of the two leads has exactly kept it a secret that the door is more than wide open for them to return to the franchise for more – depending on what's in play Look no further than the prequel spinoff from Ackles, the righteously[...]
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Over this past weekend, we learned the shocking news that actor  Mark Sheppard (Supernatural, DC's Doom Patrol, Doctor Who) has suffered "six massive heart attacks" that resulted in him "being brought back from [the] dead 4 times." Making it a dramatically better story than it could've been was the fact that we learned that from[...]
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What began with Mark Sheppard (Supernatural, DC's Doom Patrol, Doctor Who) getting ready to head out to an appointment would turn into a serious health crisis that would see the actor suffer several heart attacks and "being brought back from [the] dead 4 times." That shocking news was reported by Sheppard himself, taking to social[...]
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As we learned earlier this month from Supernatural series creator Eric Kripke, today was the day that SPN Family – fans, cast members, writers, crew members, and more – reunited to picket outside of Warner Bros Studios in support of SAG-AFTRA and the WGA Their mission? Get the AMPTP to return to the negotiating tables and[...]
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Earlier this month, Supernatural series creator Eric Kripke got the word out that Thursday, August 31st, was going to be a very big day for the Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki-starring series Running from 9 am to 12 pm, the cast, writers & crew are reuniting for an important cause – to picket outside of[...]
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Now, on Thursday, August 31st (running from 9 am to 12 pm), the cast, writers & crew behind the Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki-starring Supernatural are reuniting for a picket & reunion outside of Warner Bros Studios – and series creator Eric Kripke is getting the word out to the SPN Family. "Calling #SPNFamily Come picket[...]
Jared Padalecki & Genevieve Padalecki Take on "Family Feud" (VIDEO)
But in the interest of making sure we get all of the Walker and Supernatural fans out there as much Jared Padalecki (and Jensen Ackles) content out there as possible as the SAG-AFTRA & WGA strikes rage on, we're willing to make a sacrifice or two – because that's just how we roll On top[...]
"Supernatural" Season 15 "Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven": [PREVIEW]
Supreme Court's decision this week to allow private businesses to discriminate against the LGBTQIA community for simply being who they are, Supernatural & Gotham Knights star Misha Collins took to social media to not only speak out on the court's numerous decisions this week but also reaffirm his support for the LGBTQIA And as if[...]
the winchesters
In the midst of all this, we heard earlier today from Ackles on the matter (see below), and now we're hearing from another main member of the Supernatural family "I know the whole Winchesters team poured their hearts into this project, and I do sincerely hope that this is just another crossroads on the long[...]
Late on Friday, Supernatural fans were hit with the bad news that Jensen Ackles, Robbie Thompson & Danneel Ackles' Drake Rodger & Meg Donnelly-starring The Winchesters would not be returning for another run Despite Warner Bros Television's efforts to find the Supernatural prequel series a new home, Deadline Hollywood reported that "all possible avenues have been[...]
Television's efforts to find the Supernatural prequel series a new home, Deadline Hollywood reports that "all possible avenues have been exhausted, and the search for a new home has come to an end." Despite Warner Bros Discovery's Max, Netflix, and Amazon's Prime Video all having a stake in the "Supernatural" franchise in one way or[...]
Supernatural -- "Carry On" -- Image Number: SN1520C_0272r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean -- Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
But when asked for his thoughts on the abbreviated season, Padalecki offered a viewpoint many don't consider – and it's a viewpoint that might've kept Padalecki's Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles' Dean Winchester in our lives a lot longer. Supernatural — "Carry On" — Image Number: SN1520D_BTS_0563r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Behind the scenes with Jared Padalecki[...]