The Boys: Jensen Ackles on Marvel/DC Interest, Captain America Rumor

As impressive as Jensen Ackles' performance as Soldier Boy was during the third season of Amazon & showrunner Eric Kripke's (and SPN creator) The Boys, fans of the actor know that it wasn't the first time Ackles has played around in the superhero sandbox. He voiced Jason Todd aka Red Hood in 2010's Batman: Under the Red Hood and Bruce Wayne aka Batman, in both parts of 2021's Batman: The Long Halloween. And let's not forget his 2004-2005 turn as Jason Teague during the fourth season of Smallville. But what about the future? Would Ackles consider a role in Marvel or DC's on-screen universes? And does he have any idea which character would want to play? Thankfully, Men's Health tackled those questions (and more) during their interview, and here's what Ackles had to say…

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So when it comes to a future that includes appearing in the MCU or DCU, Ackles would be more than happy to have that call. "Hey, who do I need to give my phone number to? I love that space, genre TV and movies. I grew up watching them. I've somehow managed to find myself working in that space for quite some time. I mean, 'Supernatural' alone was 15 years. I really like the larger-than-life stories and worlds that are built in that genre space," Ackles revealed. "If Marvel or DC… whoever… says, 'Hey, we want you to put the outfit on,' I would be more than happy to. I enjoy it." As for who he would want to play? Well, it's safe to say that he's given it some thought (even if he's not willing to share those thoughts). "Oh yeah. I mean, there's a list. But it would be more like…who wouldn't I play?" he teased.

Oh, and even though he's repeatedly debunked the rumor, Ackles also made it clear (once again) that he never auditioned to play the role of the MCU's Captain America (a role that would end up going to Chris Evans). "I think it was an internet rumor that people thought would be a good idea. And I guess some people reacted to it and continued to push that rumor along," Ackles explained. "But in my mind, I was like, 'I wish!' I've heard that there was a short list of people and I was one of the names on the shortlist—but it never got to me!"


And speaking with Variety last week, Ackles discussed the matter of father issues when it came to Soldier Boy as well as Dean Winchester (his role from the long-running The CW series Supernatural). And when it comes to which of the two suffers the most from that complex, Ackles believed the answer is pretty clear. "Oh, definitely, Soldier Boy. He definitely had the worst father and has more deep-rooted issues because of it. With Dean, I don't think Dean was ever looking, necessarily, for his father's approval in the way Soldier Boy was. He just idolized his father in a way that was unique, given their circumstances, given the fact that they lived in a world that was much, much different than a relationship would be," Ackles explained. "Also dealing with the fact that his dad was motivated by revenge and he was John Winchester's [Jeffrey Dean Morgan] mini-me, essentially. He was his little soldier. I think it was less about his approval and more, 'This is what I'm supposed to do because it's what my father taught me to do.'"

As Ackles sees it, "Dean idolized his dad and had him definitely on a pedestal. Now, certainly, you could pick at that pedestal all day long. But I think John Winchester did truly love his sons and what he did, you could certainly argue that it was the wrong way of going about it, but it was all rooted in love. He felt the way he did and set off on the journey that he set off on because of the love of his wife and his family. It's the classic situation of doing the right thing the wrong way," Ackles continued. "And I think John was probably much more guilty of that than Soldier Boy's father, who was just doing the wrong thing the wrong way. He was just wrong across the board. Nothing will ever be good enough, nothing will ever impress his father."

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