The X-Files: Yes, Fans Still Ask David Duchovny About UFOs & Aliens

Speaking with Jimmy Kimmel, The X-Files star David Duchovny discussed how fans still bring up UFOs and aliens to him because of the show.

Even though it's been some time since David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson were on our screens as FBI Agents Fox Mulder & Dana Scully (with this year marking five years since the most "recent" revival), that doesn't mean the duo will ever stop being asked about their characters, the influential television series, and if they're planning yet another return (more on that below). The other thing that some fans have done is confuse them with their characters so that if Fox Mulder loves UFOs, then Duchovny "must" love them, too… right? That's the topic that Duchovny touched upon when visiting his friend & late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. In the interview below, Kimmel owns up to still being an "X-Files" fan… and that turns into a conversation about the recent caches of UFO intel that's been released over the past few months. As you're about to see, it sounds more like Duchovny's more into how excited the person is sharing the information than he is about the intel itself.

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Here's a look at Duchovny's late-night visit with Kimmel (with The X-Files/UFO talk beginning at around the 2:50 mark), where he also discusses his graphic novel Kepler, joining the cast of Mel Brooks' upcoming Hulu series History of the World Part II, and lots more:

Anderson & Duchovny on Another "The X-Files" Return

Back in April 2022, Anderson was asked during a profile interview what it would take for her to return as Scully if there was to be another revival of The X-Files (like in 2016 and 2018). "It just feels like such an old idea. I've done it, I did it for so many years, and it also ended on such an unfortunate note," Anderson explained, in reference to the reveal that Scully was pregnant. "In order to even begin to have that conversation [about another season], there would need to be a whole new set of writers, and the baton would need to be handed on for it to feel like it was new and progressive. So yeah, it's very much in the past." Two months later, during an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment in support of his new novel The Reservoir, Duchovny weighed in on Anderson's comments and shared his thoughts on another revival.

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"No, that was the first I'd heard of it [Anderson's comments]. Personally, I don't like to air creative grievances like that in public, so I was surprised to see it actually" Duchovny said of Anderson's comments expressing her displeasure with how her character was handled. As for his interest in returning, the actor, writer & director is always willing to keep the door open. "I thought the first seven years were enough! But I'm always up for more, clearly," Duchovny said. "Someone sent me a clip of Joel McHale from the 2016 episodes we did, and it's a spot-on description of where we're at six years later. I don't think ['The X-Files' creator] Chris Carter gets enough credit for being [prescient]. Forget about the ins and outs of plots and who gets pregnant or who gets shot. I mean, every show turns into a soap opera, so you have limited options. People are going to die or get pregnant or go to prison, right? Or become president."

He continued, "I think like it's a little bit in the weeds to worry about characters' fates when you realize that Chris [Carter] somehow made a show in 1993, and again in 2016, that predicted what 2022 would be like. If he wanted to do more, I'd certainly listen to him. I'd say, 'What have you got?' Because I want to know the future, too, you know what I mean? And not denigrating Gillian's [Anderson] feelings about Scully being pregnant or the character. I certainly had misgivings about my character throughout the run. It's in the nature of a long-running thing. But to take the long view, what that show is able to embrace thematically is really the key to its longevity, and if we were to do it again, it's just a question of: 'What have we got to say?"

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