TWD Thinks Today Was "F**king Sad" But It Was More Pathetic: Opinion

Wednesday should've been a great day for this country, with Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock helping to complete a modern political miracle in Georgia that was started by the nation's savior Stacey Abrams as well as hundreds of activists on the ground in the state. Not only did the election of Ossoff and Warnock set "firsts" in so many ways, but it also showed that even a state like Georgia has some hope to drag itself out of its Confederate-embracing past (and present). Now, if you haven't figured it out yet? This is going to be an opinion article because the fine folks at the main The Walking Dead Twitter account got me in a "Rick Grimes" mode. Because you see, the reason why this country couldn't celebrate the election results that shifted control of the Senate from the Trump-suckling Republicans to the now-let's-not-screw-this-up Democrats (with Vice-President Kamala Harris being the deciding vote), as well as the certifying of election results that should've been a go-through-the-motions process confirming Joe Biden and Harris for The White House, is very simple. Trump. And in TWD universe? He would be walker-bait in no time.

TWD isn't mincing words once again. (TWD Image: AMC)

Because Trump proved once again that he's a loser who doesn't know how to lose without cutting the throats of everyone around him. On Wednesday, we learned that Trump really was telling his trash brigade of privileged tinfoil hate-wearers to be on standby during that fall debate, and as he teased on Twitter in December? He got a group of whiny white people who think that only white votes count to throw a violent pissy-fit that resulted in them storming the nation's capital. So what you had were elected officials there to represent us having to flee for their lives like it was a school shooting drill- except we learned this afternoon that it was all too real with one woman shot dead. Why? Because a bunch of white folks suddenly weren't getting everything they wanted so of course? THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED! Except it wasn't. And every court across this land has said so. Trump and non-Trump judges. Even those Trump hand-picked for the Supreme Court. They've all sent Trump, "The Incredible Melting Rudy Giuliani," and the rest of Trump's "legal dream team" bouncing out of court with their tails between their legs more times than I can count.

But that didn't matter to Trump, because it's always been about him and his motley crew made up of Robo-Ivanka, Fredo's dumber brother Eric, walking midlife crisis Donny Jr., and House of Wax First Lady Melania. So if that means teaming up with a bunch of mouth-breathing over-compensators and others who think that the Confederate army was just "misunderstood"? He's more than fine with that because the one thing this nation will always be #1 at when it comes to production? It's white folk willing to blame everyone else for their problems- especially those who don't look like them. Hell, he was willing to let VP Mike Pence, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Hawley, and the rest of his lackeys be torn apart by a group that looks like it collectively smells really, really bad. And if he's willing to do that to them, imagine what he would be willing to do to you– the one who's reading this and getting pissed and ready to tell me I'm wrong. But you can't. Because I'm right. And you're running out of sand to stick your head in. Wake up.

So what does this have to do with The Walking Dead? It's simple. For ten seasons, TWD was about making tough choices and doing what needs to be done to build a better society- together. What happened today represents the antithesis of the most basic themes we've come to learn for a decade: no one's perfect and no one's without sins, but we can move beyond what came before and be better from it- together. Trump is every "big bad" the series has ever seen (minus 75% common sense and intelligence) and those that follow him at this point? Well, they can take their pick: Whisperers, Saviors, Terminus- whatever works for them. But it all ends the same way. See, the nation's becoming a bigger and bigger "Alexandria" with each election cycle (with Georgia being so appropriate)- you can either put aside your past and be a part of something bigger or not. Your choice. But change is gonna come, no matter what. But as TWD expressed through Twitter earlier, it's just "f**king sad" it had to get to this.

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