William Regal on AEW Dynamite: I Am No Longer Required at My Old Job

William Regal spoke for the first time since joining AEW at Revolution, explaining what he's doing in AEW and why he's doing it with Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley. Regal accompanied Danielson and Moxley to the ring for their first match as a tag team last night on Dynamite after Moxley beat Danielson at Revolution and Regal convinced the pair to shake hands and team up. Tony Schiavone interviewed Regal in the ring with Danielson and Moxley after they made short work of The Workhorsemen.

Regal started off by thanking Tony Schiavone for help he gave Regal when Regal first came to America over three decades ago. Regal said he doesn't expect to be long for this world after so many years of wrestling, "empty bottles," and "a few broken hearts." He then noted that he's "no longer needed at my old job" and said he heard Danielson mention him on Dynamite.

Regal recounted his history with Danielson and called Danielson "the perfect wrestler" and the wrestler Regal should have been. He also referenced his feud with Jon Moxley, one of his last in the ring. Then he said that the combination of the two, Danielson for his exemplary wrestling and Moxley for his violence, make the perfect tag team for him to manage.

Regal's words, in The Chadster's opinion, were incredibly disrespectful to WWE and everything that Vince McMahon has done for the wrestling business, especially what he has done for Regal, Moxley, and Danielson. Regal would have been a shoo-in for the WWE Hall of Fame if he had just accepted Vince McMahon's decision that his usefulness had ended and had just sat at home and retired. But instead, he had to throw that all away to join AEW. Everyone in the ring had a tough time keeping their eyes dry, but it was The Chadster who was in tears after watching this segment, just thinking of all the times The Chadster has enjoyed William Regal's performance on The Chadster's beloved NXT, only to now see Regal literally stab Vince McMahon in the back. Auughh man! So unfair!

William Regal on AEW Dynamite: I Am No Longer Required at My Old Job

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