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Sting = ratings (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)
Sting appeared recently on the AEW Unrestricted podcast where he talked about his debut with Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards and revealed how the end of WCW made him feel and how Ted Turner didn't seem to see it coming. Sting appears in AEW (Credit: All Elite Wrestling) "Oh, man, it was surreal," said Sting, discussing the dying[...]
Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone appear in a holiday-themed "commercial" on Impact Wrestling to invite the Impact stars to AEW Dynamite
On last night's holiday edition of Impact Wrestling, the first of a two-part year-end Best of Impact clip show, Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone appeared once again in one of their paid advertisement skits Standing in front of some festive holiday decorations, the pair did their usual schtick of mocking Impact as small and insignificant[...]
Tony Schiavone factored into the Sting, Shaq, and Kenny Omega segments, making him Dynamite's MVP this week. [Photo: All Elite Wrestling]
But who was present during all three of those segments? Just one man… the great Tony Schiavone. Tony Schiavone factored into the Sting, Shaq, and Kenny Omega segments, making him Dynamite's MVP this week [Photo: All Elite Wrestling] Dynamite Crushes NXT in Ratings and Viewership Dynamite drew 995,000 overall viewers for TNT on Wednesday, with a .45 rating[...]
Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone appear during a "paid ad" on Impact Wrestling
In addition to the advertised first appearance by Kenny Omega since winning the AEW Championship, Impact Wrestling also featured more guest stars from another promotion this week: AEW President Tony Khan and commentators Tony Schiavone The pair appeared on the show under the guise of a paid commercial, knowing that Omega's appearance will draw attention[...]
AEW announcer and wrestling Tony Schiavone is not at the commentary booth for AEW Dynamite tonight According to Jim Ross, Schiavone hasn't yet received his latest COVID-19 test results Ross implied that there wasn't anything in particular to worry about; the results are just late Taz joined the commentary booth for the first hour of[...]
“An Old Carny Trick” - Being The Elite Ep. 202
Yes, there were camera shenanigans. Tony Schiavone's Video Game Addition and Luchasaurus's Tail In the next segment, Cody was joined by Tony Schiavone at AEW East HQ for a new segment called "Quarantine Confessions." Tony's confession is that he bought a Playstation 4 and "I can't get off the motherf***er I play it every day[...]