Justin Jordan, Looking For A Home For The Family Trade

img_4824As shown off at New York Comic Con, Justin Jordan has a new comic book looking for a home. The Family Trade in ashcan form, written with Nikki Ryan,  painted by Morgan Beem and lettered by Rachel Autumn Deering. We got a rather attractive piece of gothic fantasy storytelling.

img_4825With a strong central character, Jessa Wynn, at odds with the world, the family expectations around her..

img_4826…and the world itself. Full of action, adventure and derring-do…

img_4829…fettered by human frailty.

img_4828And an appeal for somewhere to give it a home. With a pitch for anyone who didn't have time to read the actual comic, but was happy looking at the very pretty pictures.


Assassin's Creed Meets The Godfather? Something like that. And odds are, after a very successful New York Comic Con, he's got a publisher by now…

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