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DC Giving Away Detecyive Comics #27 In New York For Free
Limited copies of a special Batman 85th anniversary printing of Batman's first appearance in DC's Detective Comics #27 at SoHo News International, on the 30th of March for Batman Day – as well as other comic book stores in New York. Google Maps SoHo News International will transform their famous newsagents to give away the comic, one[...]
Everyone Comics of Long Island City Broken Into, Starts GoFundMe
Two nights ago, the comic book store Everyone Comics x Collectibles in Long Island City, in Queens, New York, was broken into, at 3 in the morning The thief or thieves stole cash, a laptop, and destroyed the window of the store. Everyone Comics of Long Island City Broken Into, Starts GoFundMe Comic store owner Dimitrios Fragiskatos[...]
Spider-Man: The Official Cookbook
Written by Jermaine McLaughlin, Paul Eschbach and Von Diaz, as if it were narrated by the web-slinger himself, this is Spider-Man's guide to New York cuisine with Spider-Man's own hometown recipes, as well as those of fellow neighbourhood super heroes and friends from across the Spider-Verse. Spider-Man: The Official Cookbook: Your Friendly Neighborhood Guide to Cuisine[...]
Kate Micucci
And how she had unintentionally graffitted her cartoons across a new Indian restaurant, Jazba in the East Village, New York, believing it to be just a construction site She revealed her crime on TikTok recently, which she had joined to promote her new single, Grocery Store And she was going to return to the restaurant[...]
Kate Micucci
But the staff and customers of Jazba, the Indian restaurant on 207 Second Avenue, East 13th Street, in the East Village, New York, might know her for scrawling all over their walls Just not intentionally Because it turns out, as well as everything else, Kate Micucci is also an accomplished cartoonist Examples of which, she[...]
Another Comic Shop Gets Hist By A Car
Every now and then someone drives a car into a comic book shop, with predictable results. The latest happened around 4pm on Thursday, the 21st of September, as a car drove into The Comic Shop, in Oswego, New York Everyone but the driver was uninjured, and he regained consciousness as the emergency services arrived. The store closed,[...]
Sebastian Girner's New Crowdfund Comics Publisher, Goats Flying Press
He has also worked for, and with VIZ Media, Heavy Metal, Kodansha, Penguin Random House, and Wizards of the Coast. At Goats Flying Press, Sebastian Girner states that he "will bring his years of experience and lifelong love and passion for comics together to conceive, develop, and create a new generation of comics, against all odds![...]
JHU (Formerly Jim Hanley's Universe) Closes Its Manhattan Store
This "consolidation" is down to rising costs, and the company has decided that the best way to continue to serve New York comic book readers is to focus on the operations of the "flagship" location, located at 299 New Dorp Lane, Staten Island, and will continue to operate the webstore, online subscriptions, Ebay live social[...]
Diamond Calls Round Comic Shops To See If They're Switching To Penguin
Thank you. This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened, in shops heading to or going from Diamond's warehouses in Plattsburgh, New York, and it seems to have just affected stock being shipped from Penguin Random House's exclusive comics distributor for Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing to Diamond Comic Distributors for redistribution[...]
Dark Web Finale Makes A Major Change To Marvel's New York City (Spoilers)
Reviving the eighties crossover series Inferno, it saw New York possessed by the demonic forces of Limbo once more Well, it is a Tuesday in New York. But after all the toys that have been broken have been glued back together and placed back in the toy box, there is a permanent change to the Marvel[...]
Two More Comic Book Stores Close And One Opens
Last week, the comic book store The Spider's Web on Yonkers Avenue in New York announced that it was closing this weekend In a Facebook post, they stated "With a heavy heart and sadness, This announcement is hard for me to say……… It was the best of times and after much contemplation, I have decided[...]
New York Elects Batman To The Board Of Election Commissioners
In the DC Comics comic books, Jace Fox has recently become the Batman of New York City, in I Am Batman But in the real-life New York city it seems that Batman has been appointed to lead the board of election commissioners Though sadly, that is just Keith Batman, who must get this a lot[...]
New York Comic Con 2022 Needed A Lot More Super-Heroes
This weekend past was New York Comic Con I have never been to a comic convention I have not enjoyed, and I have no doubt that if I could have attended this one, I would have thoroughly enjoyed it But from reports received by Bleeding Cool, it was a harder, edgier New York Comic Con[...]
The Medium-Sized NYCC AfterParty List Includes Bad Idea's Dead Dog
New York Comic Con – NYCC –  isn't quite the insanely massive party convention that San Diego Comic-Con was But sure, there are plenty of things happening One of them involves Ice T and Coco, another has Bad Idea's dead dog Here are a few of the bigger and badder parties at the show next[...]
Webtoon Calls Comics "A Side-Hustle" In Ad Campaign, Apologises
Heidi MacDonald detailed many of the posters on the advertising takeover of the New York Subway Bedford L Stop, which Heidi describes as "the 'hippest' subway stop in NYC, the 'Gateway to Williamsburg' or (in the before times) '3 AM Saturday Night drunken trust fund party'" for her Comics Beat website Other headlines include "we[...]
End Of The Line: NYC Subway Crisis Documentary Arriving June 14
An upcoming timely documentary, End of the Line, on the crisis with the infrastructure and system of the New York City subway is headed to video-on-demand on June 14th Award-winning filmmaker Emmett Adler's feature documentary is a character-driven political drama about the New York City subway crisis and a long-overdue reckoning on infrastructure VOD platforms[...]
The Artist's Experience: From Brotherman to Batman
From "Big Two" caped crusaders to independent storytelling and even webcomics, there are varying art styles featured and I love that." A celebration evening for The Artist's Experience: From Brotherman to Batman will also be held on the 16th of June from 6-9pm at the Society of Illustrators at 128 East 63rd Street New York, NY. The Society of[...]
No Straight Lines - The Rise Of Queer Comics,
Equally engaging are their personal journeys, as they, against all odds, helped build a queer comics underground that has been able to grow and evolve in remarkable ways." No Straight Lines – The Rise Of Queer Comics, PR And on the 21st of April, with a Q&A with artist Jennifer Camper, the film will be screened in[...]
David Gallaher
I was hospitalized at New York Methodist in Brooklyn with a broken cheekbone and kidney damage While health insurance was able to cover the initial ER costs — the cost of the imaging, including MRI, X-Ray, and CT Scan adds up, as does the aftercare I am asking for a little bit of help to[...]
A New Comic Shop, Everyone Comics & Books, Opens In Long Island, NY
New Yorkers! If you have gotten off at the Queensboro Plaza stop on the 7, N, W trains or Queens Plaza on the E, M, R trains you may have seen a new store being built in the neighbourhood And it's a comic shop – and more Owners Alex Rae and Dimitrios Fragiskatos promise that[...]
Wednesday Comics
We ran a little Gotham Gossip on Bleeding Cool recently about the heavily hyped I Am Batman #6 with Jace Fox, son of Batman's Lucius Fox coming to New York City to become its very own Batman We stated "How about New York? Well, the major wants to officially deputise Jack Fox as the Batman[...]
Neal Adams Combines New York Trip & Dinner, NFT & Hash Rush Comics
This particular game, Hash Rush, has such larger-than-life appeal, it inspired no less than Neal Adams to create some very unique comic books about it." And that includes flying to New York to have dinner with Neal Adams, famed for his work on Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Superman, Deadman, Batman and X-Men. Neal Adams Combines New[...]
Auto Draft
George Gene Gustines of the New York Times posted his Batman find on Facebook yesterday (reposted here with permission), telling us "Very cool to see this advertisement for a Batman comic on a random street in Manhattan In this case, 38th between 8th and 9th Holy advertisement, Batman!" Photo courtesy of George Gene Gustines Comic book museum[...]
The New Face Of Batman In New York For DC Comics
Apart from Kid Eternity, who just moved there as a police coroner from New York But Bruce Wayne is off on a round the world trip, leaving Gotham to the other Batfolk But one of them is also leaving as well, the Next Batman, Jace Fox And with this issue of I Am Batman #5,[...]
Anime NYC Javits Center Attendee Is Second American Omicron Case
at the Javits Center in Manhattan, New York – also home to New York Comic Con. Anime NYC Javits Center Attendee Is Second American Omicron Case And while I await the results of the test, upgraded to identify the Omicron variant (and am isolating at home until they come in), the results are in on one Minnesota[...]
WWE's Return To MSG Will Feature Two Steel Cage Title Matches
While New York City's Madison Square Garden had long been considered the official "home" of WWE, that has certainly wained in recent years  The venue has simply become too expensive for WWE to run regular shows in, with televised shows becoming even rarer, while Pay Per View events there have basically become extinct  But even[...]
New York Game Awards 2022 Will Be In-Person Next Year
With the 11th Annual New York Game Awards taking place in February, the New York Videogame Critics Circle got a bit of a highlight The New York Mayor's Office decided to do a special recognition for the NYVGCC for their charitable contributions to its community For those who are not aware, the NYVGCC is a[...]
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Homages Comic Covers For NYCC Posters
Mystery Science Theater 3000 has a big plan for New York Comic-Con in a week-and-a-bit Which, as I have pointed out, I am legally prevented from attending thanks to former President Donald Trump's travel restrictions, and current President Joe Biden not lifting them until November Which means I will also be missing out on these[...]
Rihanna Splurges At New York's Forbidden Planet
Page Six reports a New York Shopping spree for Rihanna on Wednesday, that included visiting Forbidden Planet in New York City The New York Post's celebrity gossip website reports that Rihanna's security guards were said to have walked out with five bags of vintage toys from the shop, under her umbrella No comic books though,[...]
Marvel Teams with NY Giants to Prove Superheroes Can Be Losers Too
But a new Marvel comics intends to show that not all superheroes are winners, and to illustrate it perfectly, Marvel is teaming up with NFL team The New York Giants. The New York Giants and Marvel are teaming up to show that superheroes don't always win. A new comic called G-Men will team Giants players with Marvel[...]