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Invasion Toys Issues Statement Over Ejection From New York Comic Con
Over the weekend, Bleeding Cool reported that a retailer was ejected from New York Comic Con for repeated refusal to wear a mask The retailer that was ejected was later identified as Invasion Toys, but they have been posting an explanation on Instagram, pointing the finger at someone else Just not saying who In a[...]
Saga by Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples Returns In January 2022
Announced at the In Conversation with Brian K Vaughan panel at New York Comic Con, as part of a video chat between Brian and Fiona Staples, they announced the return of Saga, with Saga #55 published by Image Comics on the 26th of January, 2022 "Other than my own family, collaborating with Fiona Staples on[...]
Star Trek
They've shown the latest trailer for season four during the New York Comic Con panel for Star Trek: Discovery Purposely kept vague, we see the crew of the U.S.S Discovery is still trying to acclimate themselves in the 32nd century The trailer starts with Capt Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) in slow motion, rocked by concussive blows[...]
NYCC: Specs, A New Queer Comic About Magical Glasses For Pride Month
Announced at New York Comic Con from Source Point Press a new comic book series launching in February 2022, for Pride Month, called Specs Writer David M Booher best known as the co-creator of Canto, describes Specs as "a magical, personal, queer coming-of-age story about best friends, wish-granting glasses, & the wishes we might not[...]
Retailer Ejected From New York Comic Con For Refusing To Wear A Mask
New York Comic Con reissued the following warning for their show this weekend, saying "Reminder: masks are required at all times while attending NYCC except while seated when eating or drinking Be safe, be cool, and have fun Review our health & safety policy here" Which stated; Face Coverings: Everyone is required to wear an approved[...]
Funimation Unveils Slate of Anime Feature Films at New York Comic Con
Funimation announced its upcoming theatrical release slate during its panel today at New York Comic Con Funimation is releasing Eureka: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution, the third and final installment in the film trilogy, for the revolutionary mecha franchise Eureka Seven in theaters in the U.S and Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in 2022 Funimation also updated[...]
Funko Wins Award For Worst New York Comic Con 2021 Experience
One year ago, Funko had one of the worst convention experiences with their 2020 New York Comic Con event to help combat bots However, Funko has outdone itself with this year's 2021 NYCC event, which included no lottery system, a new waiting queue, and last-minute reveals After last year's fiasco, it seemed like these Virtual[...]
Auto Draft
The Shared Retailer Exclusives list has arrived for Funko's New York Comic Con 2021 event, which will arrive tomorrow These Pops will be available at these shared retailers on October 8, 2021 (Friday) as early as 10 AM depending on the store However, please keep in mind that there is a worldwide shipping conflict that[...]
Funko Shows Off Their New York Comic Comic 2021 Exclusives Pops
Fall is finally here, and that means another iconic convention has arrived with New York Comic Con 2021 Last like last year, many companies are doing their own thing due to the ongoing pandemic even though there will be a more minor in-house event Funko has been doing quite a few virtual conventions, and they[...]
New York Comic Con 2021 Logo
Titan Comics announced their panels at New York Comic Con 2021, and every single one is Thursday, October 7th at 10:00 AM No time zone mentioned, but presumably Titan and Reed Pop mean Eastern Standard Time, which is New York City's time zone. New York Comic Con 2021 Logo Sadly, there's no Statix Press (Titan's euro comics[...]
Funko Announces No NYCC Lottery System: Expect the Worst
It is that time of the year again where Funko hosts their newest Virtual Convention for New York Comic Con 2021 The event will be filled with giveaways, live stream events, and of course, their 2021 NYCC Exclusive collectibles Funko has really waited to the last minute with this year's Virtual Con as exclusives go[...]
Scott Snyder's #Scottober ComiXology Party At NYCC Next Week
British people will not be allowed to fly to the USA for New York Comic Con Banned by Trump, Biden is only lifting the restriction in November Which will be in time for San Diego Comic-Con but not New York This is why I won't be attending Scott Snyder's Scottober party at NYCC, run by[...]
Summoners War Announces Return To New York Comic Con
Com2uS announced this morning they will be bringing Summoners War back to New York Comic Con for 2021 with a number of featured items From October 7th-10th, they will be at the event giving away several items, as well as giving fans a chance to score some exclusives at the con such as t-shirts, statues,[...]