nycc 2016

A Look Behind Romani Concerns Expressed At New York Comic Con

A number of Romani comic book fans, concerned regarding the general representation of Romani character in mainstream superhero comic books have organised to ask questions about this topic at a number of diversity-related panels at comic shows over the last couple of years. And no one seemed to really care. Concerns were dismissed or placated and […]

You Don't Call A Walking Dead Episode "Right Hand Man" For No Reason…

A sneak peek of AMC's upcoming episode of The Walking Dead, Right Hand Man as seen at New York Comic-Con. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Walking Dead – New Season 7 sneak peek! ( In which Negan drags Rick off to his trailer, axe in hand, talking about right hand men. So, […]

Justin Jordan, Looking For A Home For The Family Trade

As shown off at New York Comic Con, Justin Jordan has a new comic book looking for a home. The Family Trade in ashcan form, written with Nikki Ryan,  painted by Morgan Beem and lettered by Rachel Autumn Deering. We got a rather attractive piece of gothic fantasy storytelling. With a strong central character, Jessa Wynn, […]

The Surprise Appearance At NYCC

By Joe Glass One final surprise of NYCC I only personally discovered on the very last day. Whilst tabling at the LGBT HQ booth, a young man approached and asked me if I knew where the Scruff booth was. "Scruff? Like, the dating app?" "Well, yeah." I had to say, I was surprised to hear […]

When Carlos Bernard Returns As Tony Almeida In 24: Legacy

Paul Gullas writes, The following contains some minor spoilers for the series premiere of 24: Legacy. "SHOOT HIM AGAIN!" On Saturday afternoon, the NYCC Main Stage auditorium filled with cheers and bloodthirsty hoots of delight, as the audience watched a terrorist getting pumped full of bullets. The 24: Legacy panel kicked off with a special […]

Talking Godzilla: Rage Across Time With Kahil Schweitzer

By Octavio Karbank Ever since I was a child, I've had a fascination with giant monsters and giant monster movies. With so many made, there's sure to be something for every Kaiju-lover. For me, it was Godzilla. That's why I was ecstatic when IDW started putting out Godzilla-themed comics. From Godzilla: Rulers of Earth to […]

The (Mighty) Power Rangers Comic Book Panel At New York Comic Con

By Octavio Karbank If you're like me, and are either a fan of comics or Power Rangers, then it probably comes as no surprise that I'm reading, and every much excited, about the current Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers comics line by Boom! Studios. I can only hope you are too. They are really good. Seriously. […]

Sleepy Hollow's Return At New York Comic Con

By Octavio Karbank Sleepy Hollow has been absent from our lives now for quite some time. Well, that might not be entirely true, but it's certainly felt that way. With the sudden and dramatic changes at the season of Season 3, many have wondered how, if at all, the show would come back to being […]

From The Mona Lisa To Banksy – The Electric Sublime At New York Comic Con

By Jason Borelli Among the many, many books debuting at New York Comic Con this year was The Electric Sublime from IDW Publishing. Con-goers got a chance to get an advance look at the collaboration from W. Maxwell Prince (Judas: The Last Days) and Martin Marazzo (The Great Pacific, Snowfall, Nighthawk) before it hit comic […]

When Assassination Classroom Comes To New York

by Jason Borelli On the surface, the manga Assassination Classroom seems offbeat, even for Japan. A class consisting of hard-luck cases are looked down upon by other students and their principal, who encourages the scorn. This class has a new teacher: a creature with a huge head, smiley face and tentacle body. He destroyed most […]

When Paul Cornell Had An Idea That Could Only Work With The Third Doctor Who

by Jason Borelli Titan Publishing has wasted little time in establishing their licensed Doctor Who comics. In addition to publishing books covering the modern era of the show (as portrayed by Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi), miniseries have also been released for past incarnations played by Tom Baker and Paul McGann. […]

Sailor Moon's Moonlight Party Is Coming On November 11th – The NYCC Panel

By Ale Bodden As it is my tradition every convention I go: I have to go to the Sailor Moon panel. Once again, this year the panel hosted by the wonderful and gliter-rific Charlene Ingram. She was joined shortly by her magical helper, Sailor Moon herself (who you might have seen working the Viz Media […]

Body Confidence And Positivity In Cosplay At New York Comic Con

By Ale Bodden Of all the panels I was able to sit through this year I must say this was the panel I ended NYCC still thinking about. It was short and sweet, and it hit right in the feels. However, all I can think about is designing my cosplay for the next convention I […]

A Personal Perspective On The #BlackComicsMonth Panel At NYCC, With VIDEO

by Ray Flook   When I signed-up to cover #BlackComicsMonth: Diversity/Inclusivity in Comics at this year's New York Comic Con (NYCC), I was going into it with the hope that the panel would do its part in being the final piece I needed to stitch together a post I've had rumbling around in my head […]

Q&A With The People Who Brought You The New York Comic Con

by Ray Flook & Ale BoddenOne of the true “hidden gems” of the NYCC programming schedule, the NYCC Team Q&A not only serves as the unofficial end of NYCC 2016 but also as the unofficial start of NYCC 2017 planning ReedPOP head Lance Fensterman, along with team members James McNerney, Fallon Prinzivalli, Kristina Rogers and[...]

If You Announce God Country On EW But No One Notices, Does It Make A Sound?

Last week, Entertainment Weekly ran a preview of a new comic, God Country, by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw from Image Comics. It was meant to be announced at New York Comic Con. It's just I didn't hear that it was. And searching across social media, no one else seemed to notice it was, either. So […]