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MCM Artists Alley 2023
Yesterday, walking around Artists Alley at MCM London Comic Con, taking photos of the many booths from comic book creators, publishers and illustrators, I was asked by one publisher if I was the guy who did this last year I confessed I was and yes, they knew Bleeding Cool It turns out this was their[...]
From One Side Of London Spring Comic Con 2023 To The Other
I'm hanging out at Showmasters London Spring Comic Con 2023, at London Olympia This isn't one of their big Summer Of Winter London Film And Comic Con shows, it's smaller, more intimate, on one floor of one of the halls only, but it is packed full of love as ever A smaller audience and a[...]
MCM Loncon Comic Con
We made it! The Elizabeth Line was swift and has definitely transformed the MCM London Comic Con experience forever, as folk can journey to London's West End in less than twenty minutes, which is often longer than it takes to stand in a line at the Fox pub or the Novotel. Photo by me And the cosplayers[...]
Two High Profile Graphic Novels Comic, Both Called Dreamer
Such as the origins, at Diamond Comic Distributors at least, of the comic convention exclusive variant cover Something that is very common and you will see all over San Diego Comic Con this year But here's where it began. In 1998, the manga/anime genre was in full swing in the states, with publishers like Viz Communications[...]
Talking To Lake Como Comic Art Festival Organisers, Steve & Arno
He's also one of the partners in a series of comic conventions in the American style, with the comic book agent Steve Morger known for the Big Wow shows Including last weekend's Lake Como Comic Art Festival, which I was very lucky to attend with my wife A pure comic book artist convention –  no multimedia, no[...]
Frank Cho On Lake Como, "The Most Beautiful Comic Con In The World"
Regular attendee Frank Cho puts in the hard sell on Facebook, saying; I can't believe one of my favorite comic conventions in the world, Lake Como Comic Art Fest, is only couple of months away It is by far the most beautiful comic convention in the world Not to mention some of the best artists in[...]
X- Men
Since launching our podcast here at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019, we've had a blast interacting with you all and we look forward to future events and opportunities along the way." San Diego Comic Con Special Edition Curious to learn more about X-Reads Podcast? Check it out here: Fans and fanatics of the X-Men gathered during[...]
Funko Reveals Silly Comic-Con Special Edition Cube of Deciding Process
This Cube is a new process that will randomly select on-site collectors with a wristband and timeslot to purchase some of these collectibles. This is no joke but an actual thing that Funko will be using at Comic Con Special Edition to see who will be lucky enough to get an exclusive Pop As if their[...]
Original Founder Of MCM Launches Rival UK Comic Con Called Megacon
The London Movies, Comics, and Media Expo, later known as MCM Comic Con, was founded in early 2001 by well-known convention organisers Paul Miley or ScifiShows and Bryan Cooney of Wolf Events Hosting events in the UK and around the world, including London, Birmingham, the Midlands, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Belfast, Manchester, Scotland, Stockholm, Malmö, Copenhagen,[...]
Cosplay Gallery At MCM London Comic Con 2021
MCM London Comic Con may have felt a little smaller this year But the cosplay felt bigger than ever Loki was out in force in all their variants, as were Gotham's rogue galleries, and the new MCU and DCU were prominently represented There was even the return of a little Homestuck for nostalgia's sake Favourites[...]
Cosplay Gallery At MCM London Comic Con 2021
It's Saturday, the 23rd of October at the London ExCel Centre, half-way through MCM London Comic Con Yesterday was a little quiet on the footfall for Bleeding cool's Friday report, but because it's a Saturday the world and their Poison Ivy came out to play Now, facts upfront, there is less "stuff" to do this[...]
From One Side Of MCM London Comic Con To The Other (2021) Video
It's MCM London Comic Con time! I haven't done one of these for two years Not since Thought Bubble in 2019 The jittery, juddery, blurred take on a Comic-Con, travelling at speed around the show floor nooks and crannies, pausing for waves, for cosplay and sticker shock Welcome to another long-awaited From One Side Of[...]
Heading To MCM London Comic Con in The Daily LITG, 22nd October 2021
And today it is the return of Britain's biggest comic book convention, MCM London Comic Con, as run by ReedPOP and Reed Expo Will I see you there? There will be photos… maybe I can jump on Tom Hiddlestone again. LITG Screencap: MCM London Comic Con guests LITG: The ten most-read stories, yesterday Full Marvel Comics January 2022[...]
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - JULY 24 2016: Banners hang over San Diego Comic-Con, promoting the pop culture convention's various events.
But maybe, just maybe, something closer to the San Diego Comic Cons I first experienced in the nineties, when I actually exhibited with Mike Meyer as Twist And Shout Comics I won't be doing that this time Tickets, badges and passes should be a lot easier to come by But I plan to be reporting[...]
MCM London Replaces Comic Village With A Curated Artists Alley
MCM Comic Con has told Bleeding Cool about their coronavirus guidelines for their London and Birmingham comic conventions They state that they will be following the latest government guidelines around vaccinations and social distancing, as well as individual venue rules for ExCeL London and the NEC Birmingham events, adding "the health and safety of everyone[...]
New Comic-Con Museum Being Built In San Diego
But I live in hope.  And now, San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC), the non-profit organization that produces the annual popular arts and culture celebration Comic-Con, has announced the start of construction on the new Comic-Con Museum in Balboa Park with the opening and daily operations set to begin on the 26th of November 26 The[...]
Dan Lee Is The Stan Lee Lookalike Appearing At A Comic Con Near You
Suncoast Comic Con in 2020, saw him appear with a number of people getting photos.  Doing a little internet sleuthing reveals him as Dan Gruden and he advertises himself as a Stan Lee Lookalike of Florida So I asked him about his career turn. Dan told me "This all started about two and a half years[...]