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Liefeld Pulls Out Of Big Apple Comic Con, Starlin & Steranko Step In
This Saturday sees the return of the Big Apple Comic Con in New York, the first of the long-running comic conventions to return to a physical show after lockdown With a scaled-down "Prelude" show, the Big Apple Comic Con had rearranged its planned date from next weekend to this, to accommodate the schedule of Rob[...]
Liefeld Pulls Out Of Big Apple Comic Con, Starlin & Steranko Step In
The weekend represents the first of the long-standing physical comic conventions to return, even in a reduced format, The Big Apple Comic Con in the New Yorker Hotel on Saturday. Rob Liefeld's Anniversary Tour But it seems that their star guest, Rob Liefeld, has announced that he will no longer be attending Liefeld posted to Facebook stating; Once[...]
Big Apple Comic Con Spreads Joy (Hopefully That's All) This Saturday
The Big Apple Comic Con is the first of the big US city comic-cons to make a return, for Saturday, the 17th of July Taking place at the iconic New Yorker Hotel, its special guests are Rob Liefeld, Marat Mychaels, Jeff Shultz, John O'Hurley, Diane Salinger, Steve Cardenas, and Brett Azar Calling it a Prequel[...]
2021 New York Comic Con Badges Sell Out In Less Than 12 Hours
After a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ReedPop's New York Comic Con is back at Manhattan's Javits Center this October  And it would seem being forced to sit out NYCC last year has fans at a fever pitch to return, as ReedPop has announced that all badges to this year's event have sold out in just[...]
Thought Bubble Reveals Social Distancing Plans for November's Show
The Thought Bubble Festival is returning to in-person comic conventions this November, a week before San Diego Comic-Con does the same Located in Harrogate in the North-East of England, with Frank Miller as their big draw (I really want to see a Sin City version of Betty's now), they have just issues their social distancing[...]
The Society Photos of Thought Bubble Launch Party 2019
With the return of large comic conventions on the horizon, with ReedPOP and Comic-Con International bringing back big shows, as well as the likes of Thought Bubble and Lakes International starting up, so we have had the return of the #Barcon discussion Barcon is the idea that at comic book conventions, there are later night[...]
MCM London Replaces Comic Village With A Curated Artists Alley
For over a decade I have worked with creators at New York Comic Con, C2E2 and Emerald City Comic Con and I'm thrilled to add these two amazing events to that list I truly look forward to working with so many of you!" Negin also let possible vendors know that they will be introducing a new[...]
Frank Miller Comes To Harrogate For Thought Bubble In November
Quite a Bat-heavy show it seems… Photo by Daniel Benavides CC:2.0 The Thought Bubble Festival will take place in and around the city of Harrogate in Yorkshire from the 8th to the 14th of November, withe the main comic convention taking place at the Harrogate Convention Centre on the 13th and 14th of November[...]
The 2021 Baltimore Comic Con Is Officially Happening
We encourage everyone to follow healthcare recommendations to ensure the safety of everyone (yourself included!), and plan for a fun return to Baltimore this fall! The appeal of the Baltimore Comic-Con is its focus on comics and comic book creators, which stands as a refreshing change to other big comic conventions that are now more geared[...]
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - JULY 24 2016: Banners hang over San Diego Comic-Con, promoting the pop culture convention's various events.
But maybe, just maybe, something closer to the San Diego Comic Cons I first experience in the nineties, when I actually exhibited with Mike Meyer as Twist And Shout Comics I won't be doing this this time Tickets badges and passes should be a lot easier to come by. But I plan to be reporting from[...]
How Scottish Comic Con Are Returning - Or Not - For 2021
We've had a look at how English comic cons, festival and shows will be returning in 2021, with MCM and The Lakes in October, Thought Bubble in November – and the London Film And Comic Con in July! That latter show from Showmasters has picked up flack for launching a) before everyone has been offered[...]
London Film And Comic Con Announces It's On For July
The London Film And Comic Con event for March 2020 went ahead, despite coronavirus fears and the odds are it was probably a superspreader event, despite all the hand sanitiser around It was a different time In the light of the British government promising vaccines offered to all 17-year-olds and over by the end of[...]
A Comics Con Cruise in 2022 From Image Comics and Skybound?
And why not do it all in one place? At sea? They are calling it the Image + Skybound Immersive Comic Convention. SURVEY: Comic Convention Cruise Would You Be Interested In A Cruise in 2022? Calling All Comics Lovers! It's been a wild year, to say the least, and we've been spending a lot of time thinking about ways[...]