The 100 Most-Read Stories Of 2019 On Bleeding Cool

I normally wait until the New Year is a little closer. Or even been. But I'm taking the kids ice skating today, and then going to a carol service, so you'll have to behave. Here are the top 100 most-read stories on Bleeding Cool over the past year. Some may be surprising. Others less so. But as for why there are two articles in the top ten reflecting Jude Terror's belief that Wolverine has two penises, I'm afraid you have no one to blame but yourselves. Welcome to the year in Bleeding Cool… this is what you made us.

The 100 Most-Read Stories Of 2019 On Bleeding Cool

  1. Guardians Of The Galaxy to be Relaunched by Marvel in 2020
  2. DC Comics is About to Give Us a Black Batman
  3. Tony Isabella Calls Batman Toxic, Says Character Ruins DC Comics
  4. Did Marvel Censor the New Wolverine Logo Because We Were Too Close to the Truth?
  5. Fans Will Decide Whether The Three Jokers Will Be In DC Comics Continuity…
  6. Rob Liefeld Quits Twitter Following DC Tweet Controversy
  7. Keanu Reeves Appears as John Constantine in Today's Hellblazer
  8. Does the Possible New Wolverine Logo Confirm a Long-Running X-Men Fan Theory?
  9. Epic Games Trolls Fans By Ending "Fortnite", Causes Twitch Errors
  10. Harley Quinn Has a New Lover at DC – One That No One Will Be Able To Guess
  11. "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" Final Quest Has Taken Flight
  12. DC Comics Cancels Wonder Woman #84
  13. Marvel Make Selling "Celebrate Stan Lee" Comics a Firing Offense
  14. When You Get Paid For a Character No One Realised Was in X-Men: Dark Phoenix
  15. Her Name is Rien and She's Wolverine's Daughter
  16. The Punisher Has Words For Police Who Use His Skull Logo (#13 Spoilers)
  17. Rob Liefeld Predicts the Collapse of DC Comics Soon
  18. (MASSIVE SPOILERS) The Walking Dead #193 Twist That No One Saw Coming? (MASSIVE SPOILERS)
  19. Batman: Damned Forced DC to Rethink Who They Were as a Publisher
  20. DC Comics Cancels Orders on Stargirl By Geoff Johns
  21. The Moment Nightwing Lost His Dick in Nightwing Annual #2 (Spoilers)
  22. Sorry Doomsday Clock, Justice League #30 Got There First – and Damian Wayne Joins (Spoilers)
  23. Blizzard Randomly Slashed Prices on Overwatch Permanently
  24. Laurie Strode Is Not Michael Myers's Sister for a Reason in New 'Halloween' Film
  25. Exclusive: The Full DC Comics New Continuity Timeline – Including Crisis, New 52, Rebirth and Doomsday Clock – As Shown at #NYCC
  26. DC Comics Cancels Titans and Damage in April
  27. After Twenty-Six Years, DC Comics Rumoured to Close Vertigo
  28. Jonathan Kent To Be The New Superman For DC Comics?
  29. Ubisoft Releases The "Just Dance 2020" Song List
  30. 'The Orville' Season X "Oh, Captains! My Captains" Goes Bold [OPINION]
  31. Major DC Comics Restructuring Happening Right Now
  32. Has Grant Morrison Rebooted One Of DC Comics' Oldest Superheroes as a Gay Man?
  33. DC Comics Not Reprinting Superman #17 Despite Secret Identity-Revealing Sellout
  34. On Keeping Alfred Pennyworth Dead at DC Comics
  35. Sexual Harassment and the Comics Industry – Again
  36. 'Mayans MC'? 'Animal Kingdom' is Heir to 'Sons of Anarchy' [REVIEW]
  37. Gossip: Wonder Woman Will Be the First to be Replaced in DC Comics' 5G?
  38. DC Comics Cancels The Road To Watchmen
  39. That Mystery "Incoming" Figure From Marvel's December 2019 Teaser – is it Hulking as a New Captain Marvel?
  40. Separated At Birth: Arthur Suydam's DCeased #4 and Harley's Joker Cosplay – With a Killing Joke
  41. DC Bait Readers By Having Catwoman Cheat On Batman With Nightwing in February
  42. You Can Play A Hidden "Stranger Things" Game On Polaroid's Website
  43. DC Cancels Superman/Batman Vol. 7, Will Resolicit in 61 Years
  44. Justice League Theatrical Cut Was So Bad It Made Zack Snyder's Cinematographer Cry
  45. "Crisis" of Infinite Cameos: Who You May Have Missed During Part 1
  46. The State of CW's DCU [Part 1]: Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning
  47. The New Borderlands 2 DLC Throws More Shade at David Eddings
  48. Lucifer Season 4: Ella is Heading Down a Dark Path
  49. WARNING – MAJOR SPOILER From Tomorrow's Batman #77 Posted On Social Media
  50. Jonathan Hickman Defends Jean Grey's Costume in Coded Message
  51. 'The Mandalorian': 4 Official Images from the Disney+ Series
  52. Walmart's Problems With DC Comics That You Wouldn't Get in a Comic Shop
  53. Iron Studios Reveals "I Am Iron Man" Statue That We Love 3000
  54. Jim Lee Draws Watchmen – And Then Lost It
  55. Lesley-Ann Brandt's Maze Won't Be In The Early Part Of Lucifer Season 3
  56. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Presents "The Charlie-Work It Out Plan"
  57. Scott Bakula Suggests an Awesome 'Quantum Leap', 'NCIS' Crossover
  58. Rumour – Tom King Taken Off Batman? Last Issue Will Be #85?
  59. "Castle Rock" Season 2: The Town Begins to Take Shape Again [IMAGES]
  60. A Rare Magic: The Gathering Black Lotus Just Broke Ebay's MTG Sales Record
  61. Comic Creators Not Amused by Marvel Hiring J.J. Abrams' Son
  62. Black Cat Having Sex Dreams About Spider-Man in Next Week's Amazing Spider-Man #16.HU
  63. Critical Role Announces Split From Geek & Sundry
  64. Diana Gabaldon Shares 'Outlander' Book 9 "Go And Tell The Bees I Am Gone" Details
  65. The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for Tomorrow's Walking Dead #192
  66. George R. R. Martin Sees Shadow, 6 More Years of No "Winds of Winter"
  67. Bleeding Cool Has Bought The Snyder Cut
  68. Could This Be Your New Batman – Luke Fox? And the Death Of Bruce Wayne?
  69. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia": Rob McElhenney Heartfelt Post [Video]
  70. Marvel Stopped the Presses to Remove Mark Waid's Captain America Essay From Marvel Comics #1000
  71. Niantic Seemingly Teases Team Rocket Again For "Pokémon GO"
  72. Marvel Comics Cancels Their Future…. Foundation
  73. The Sex Lives Of The Exxorians – Wonder Twins #1 Preview in Today's DC Comics
  74. Jonathan Hickman Fooled Me Twice, Shame On Me – Powers Of X #6 Finale Spoilers
  75. First Look at David Tennant's Doctor Meeting Jodie Whittaker's in Doctor Who – January 2020 Titan Solicits
  76. Samuel L. Jackson Tells Jimmy Fallon How He Became Nick Fury
  77. McDonald's is Bring Back Some Classic Retro Toys Today!
  78. Joker: Killer Smile and Death Of Superman to be Made Returnable by DC Comics
  79. Doomsday Clock #12 – In Or Out Of Continuity?
  80. Absolute Carnage Gets a Launch Trailer to Shake Symbiote World to Core
  81. Six New Transformers Revealed by Hasbro for FanExpo 2019
  82. The Walking Dead Introduces Sheriff Kapoor – a Replacement For Rick? (Spoilers)
  83. Separated At Birth: Francesco Mattina and… Everyone?
  84. Were "Superman" #14 and "Supergirl" #33 Destroyed Over Racial Concerns? (Spoilers)
  85. "Oathbreaker" Ban List Updated – "Magic: The Gathering"
  86. Could Immortal Hulk #20 and The Green Lantern #9 Suggest a DC/Marvel Comics Crossover
  87. The X-Men's Bishop Was Based On Efren 'Bata' Reyes
  88. MAJOR SPOILER For Spider-Man #1 by JJ Abrams, Henry Abrams and Sara Pichelli That No One Saw Coming, Tiger
  89. Doom Slayer Figure Fully Revealed by McFarlane Toys
  90. DC Repackages Blue Beetle and Question Comics as 'The Road to Watchmen'
  91. Long Read: A Great Big Doomsday Clock/DC Comics Conspiracy Theory
  92. Why Adam Kubert Refused to Sign the Industry-Only Stan Lee Tribute Comic
  93. Doctor Who Series 12: The Real "Big Bad" Responsible for 2020 Delay
  94. Fake Tweet Used to Try And Discredit New Marvel Comics Writer, Alyssa Wong
  95. Nightwing #66 Spoilers – Ric Grayson No More
  96. Will Captain Boomerang's Kid Replace Barry Allen (and Wally West) as the Flash For DC Comics' 5G (UPDATE)
  97. Comic Stores Told to Destroy All Copies of Next Week's "Superman" #14 and "Supergirl" #33
  98. DC Comics Selling Almost Half as Many Comics a Month As It Used To
  99. "American Horror Story": "AHS: 1984" Filming? Billy Eicher Not Returning
  100. Rick And Morty Begins Final Mega-Story, The Rickoning, in Oni Press 2019 November Solicitations

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