Ales Kot Confirms Winter Soldier's New Role – But Won't Comment On Making Agent Coulson Gay


Well, we had kinda worked it out.

But Ales Kot has confirmed it to Vulture, saying,

Right, but disillusionment is nothing new. Why, right now, in 2014, does Bucky still matter?
What Bucky does is he takes over Nick Fury's old job as the "man on the wall," so to speak.On the wall between Earth and the rest of the galaxy. There are certain threats that come and have come close to Earth and might have done horrible things to us if Nick Fury weren't there. And Nick Fury has done horrible, horrible things in order to protect us. At that scale, what I'm looking at is the same basic thing as the American narrative when it comes to the rest of the world. And the narrative is inevitably breaking and transforming into something hopefully more complex and more truthful. We're all in this together.
So, with Bucky becoming the new man on the wall, he is once again put in a position where he has his new job almost decided for him. It's like, before they brainwashed you, you became the Russian spy/killer, then you were going to go work for Captain America because you felt like that was the only thing you could do. Now you're going to be this because the other old white man died, and what does that mean for you? How do you deal with a job that you just get from someone else? How do you transform that job to fit who you are? What if you haven't even decided who you really are in certain ways? How do you change as you travel through the galaxy on your missions? And you are facing things that you've never even conceived of in your mind before. What does that do to your mind and to the life of someone who gets something that is very black-and-white and straight-cut and realizes that there is much more to life than that?

He also doesn't like to comment on the following,

This is a minor thing, but I heard a rumor that, when you started writing Secret Avengers for Marvel, you wanted to make S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson gay. Is the rumor true?
No comment.

I figured that would be the answer.
However, I will say that I've read some rather great slash fiction where Coulson was definitely gay.

I have to say if, as Bleeding Cool has reported, Secret Avengers is on an issue-by-issue renewal, that is the kind of thing that might give the title a little flip.



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