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Nick Fury: Disney+ Reportedly Developing Samuel L. Jackson Series

Nick Fury: Disney+ Reportedly Developing Samuel L. Jackson Series

Jackson (Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown) will reprise his role as Nick Fury in a new series currently in development While specific details haven't been released and all parties involved are not commenting, sources say that Jackson will star with Kyle Bradstreet (Mr Robot, Berlin Station) attached to write and executive produce.First appearing in the Marvel Cinematic[...]

Nick Fury &#038 Maria Hill Get Statues From Iron Studios

Nick Fury & Maria Hill Get Statues From Iron Studios

Nick Fury and Maria Hill have been around in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since pretty much the beginning It is slightly odd that we have not seen more collectibles come from these characters Nick Fury has gotten his own Funko Pop figure for The Avengers back in 2012 but that has been it Maria Hill still has[...]

SDCC 2019 Exclusives: ABC Brings Schoolhouse Rocks and More

SDCC 2019 Exclusives: ABC Brings Schoolhouse Rocks and More!

Price: $40Marvel Avengers Nick Fury Pager Money Clip Officially licensed SDCC 2019 Exclusive Marvel Nick Fury 3D enamel money clip Money clip measures approximately 2.6" Price: $25Lost 15th Anniversary Oceanic Lanyard SDCC 2019 Debut Lost Oceanic Lanyard Price: $10Lost Limited Edition 2019 Collectors Print Officially licensed SDCC 2019 Exclusive Lost - Oceanic Airlines print Fictional advertisement art based[...]

Captain Marvel Causes Sales Spike in 90s Music

'Captain Marvel' Causes Sales Spike in 90's Music

Captain Marvel, like the Guardians films before it, relies heavily on music from the 90's to help set the mood during the film. From "Just a Girl" by No Doubt to "Only Happy When it Rains" by Garbage, grunge fans should feel right at home in the theater. Turns out they may not have been […]

Samuel L. Jackson Says Carol Danvers was Pretty Badass Before Becoming Captain Marvel

Samuel L. Jackson Says Carol Danvers was "Pretty Badass" Before Becoming Captain Marvel

Jackson as Nick Fury, Jude Law as the commander of Starforce (who may or may not have two names), Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson, Lee Pace returning as Ronan the Accuser, Djimon Hounsou as Korath the Pursuer, Gemma Chan as Minn-Erva, Ben Mendelsohn as Skull Commander Talos, Lashana Lynch as Maria Rambeau, Algenis Perez Soto, McKenna Grace, and Annette Bening in as-yet-undisclosed roles.Captain Marvel is set to hit theaters on March[...]

Samuel L. Jackson Remembers Stan Lee Future MCU Cameos During Captain Marvel Q&#038A

Samuel L. Jackson Remembers Stan Lee, Future MCU Cameos During 'Captain Marvel' Q&A

Jackson, Brie Larson, and cast talk about "Captain Marvel" in press conference in Singapore.Credit: ABC[/caption]During a Q&A session for Captain Marvel broadcast on ABC, Jackson, who plays Nick Fury, offered a few comments about Lee and how it won't surprise him if Marvel finds a way to still put Lee in films through the process[...]

Lets Take a Look at the Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Figure

Let's Take a Look at the Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Figure

The wave consists of seven figures and one build a figure: Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel in bomber jacket (and Goose!), Talos, Starforce Commander, Grey Gargoyle, Nick Fury (with Goose!), and Genis-Vell If you collect them all you can build a Kree Sentry The figure everyone wants of course is Captain Marvel herself, and we got[...]

Samuel L. Jackson Tells Jimmy Fallon How He Became Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson Tells Jimmy Fallon How He Became Nick Fury

Jackson talk about the hows and the whys of his taking on the Marvel Studios role of Director Nick Fury.On a recent stop by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC to speak about the upcoming M Night Shyamalan film Glass, Jackson revealed the connection between Marvel Comics' 2002 "Ultimates" run and his eventual portrayal of the S.H.I.E.L.D[...]

10 BRAND NEW Captain Marvel Character Posters Including Goose

10 BRAND NEW 'Captain Marvel' Character Posters, Including Goose!

Director Nick Fury[/caption][caption id="attachment_972765" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Jude Law as Kree Starforce Captain [we're still not sure if MarVell or Yon Rogg or BOTH][/caption][caption id="attachment_972766" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Gemma Chan as Kree Starforce member Minn-Erva[/caption][caption id="attachment_972767" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Lashana Lynch as Air Force pilot Captain Maria Rambeau[/caption][caption id="attachment_972768" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Annette Bening in the still undisclosed Kree[...]

Lets Talk About the Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Shall We

Let's Talk About the 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Trailer, Shall We?

Jackson, Director Nick Fury.We're interested in this special ops Spider-suit with the nifty dropdown goggles.Ooo hey, that sure looks like Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) alongside Fury there, shooting at...Sandman? Rockman? We're not sure who that villain is supposed to be.Or this guy Any guesses?Whoa, check out Hydro-Man!And, howdy Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio, we're pretty excited to[...]

Oscars 2019 Looks to Avengers Reunion for Largest Endgame Infomercial Ever

Oscars 2019 Looks to Avengers Reunion for Largest 'Endgame' Infomercial Ever

Jackson (Nick Fury) taking to the stage in 2013 after The Avengers premiered the previous year With more actors/characters added to the franchise, an on-stage Oscars shindig could end up a pretty crowded affair--if ABC, AMPAS, and Disney's marketing division have their way.At the time of this post, AMPAS has yet to comment on the[...]

Will Nick Furys Beeper Get Explained in Captain Marvel Yes Apparently

Will Nick Fury's Beeper Get Explained in 'Captain Marvel'? Yes, Apparently

We're all hoping that Nick Fury's (Samuel L Jackson) piece of 90's tech from Avengers: Infinity War gets explained a little bit in Captain Marvel, right? Because there are so many questions about it, still Why a beeper? Why did Fury wait so long to activate it? Does Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) still ACTUALLY CARRY A BEEPER?According[...]

Hasbros Full Line of Captain Marvel Products Revealed Including Marvel Legends

Hasbro's Full Line of Captain Marvel Products Revealed, Including Marvel Legends

Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Spring 2019)Marvel  6-inch Legends Nick Fury Figure(HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Spring 2019)Marvel  6-inch Legends Star Force Commander Figure(HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Spring 2019)  Captain Marvel fans- here we go! Hasbro has revealed their product line for the highly anticipated film, and there is no[...]

Marvel Studios Releases New Captain Marvel Trailer

Marvel Studios Releases New 'Captain Marvel' Trailer

Jackson as Nick Fury, Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, Lashana Lynch as Maria Rambeau, Gemma Chan as Minn-Erva and Mckenna Grace as young Carol, Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson, Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser and Djimon Hounsou as Korath.The film will open planet-wide on March 8th, 2019. In the midst of tremendous anticipation, tonight during Monday[...]

Funko Releases Captain Marvel Line of Pops Dorbz and More

Funko Releases 'Captain Marvel' Line of Pops, Dorbz, and More!

OH MY GOODNESS, we need ALL these Captain Marvel Funko everything! From Pop Vinyls to keychains and Dorbz, there are just so many Marvel-ous things! Something we noticed though- Carol's cat has a new name, and we're pretty sure it's because Captain Marvel will have no small amount of Top Gun references, especially when paired with her motorcycle, […]

Lets Talk About That First Captain Marvel Trailer Ok

Let's Talk About That First 'Captain Marvel' Trailer, Ok?

Ah yes, another terribly 90's item, Nick Fury's pager that we saw a glimpse of during Avengers: Infinity War Maybe we'll find out who he's communicating with? Also, how long as he been carrying that damn thing, anyway?THAT HELMET We'll admit it, we gasped outloud when we saw it.Almost Binary While maybe she's not going[...]

Web of Venom: VeNam #1 Advance Review &#8211 Unfortunate Son

Web of Venom: Ve'Nam #1 Advance Review – Unfortunate Son

We jump to how S.H.I.E.L.D first discovered these symbiotes as Nick Fury briefs an outside consultant (won’t spoil whom it is) on the situation That consultant is intended to help Nick Fury kill these “Sym-Soldiers.” The two go to Vietnam to find the symbiotes.[caption id="attachment_909262" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Web of Venom: Ve'Nam #1 cover by Ryan[...]