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Justice League Dies Yet Again? 3 Times In 3 Months? (Spoilers)
Spoilers for what has followed, of course, including Suicide Squad: Blaze, Dark Crisis: Worlds Without A Justice League: Superman and Superman: Son Of Kal-El. Although, even with their flesh ripped from their faces, everyone reckoned they;d be back And we soon learned that Pariah had put them in The Matrix, living a dream life, with their[...]
Marvel Rains Hellfire Gala Variants on Comic Stores in July
616Erik (who you are not allowed to follow if you like Sebastian Stan, Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Pratt, Jeremy Renner, Evan Peters, Paul Bettany, Michael Fassbender, Elizabeth Olsen, Scarlett Johansson, Awkwafina, or Jennifer Lawrence) posted on Twitter, saying "what… #xspoilers" So we have Jean Grey, Cyclops, Iceman, Havok, Firestar, Magik, Synch, and Forge[...]
DC Comics Prepares For Next Week's Dark Crisis #1 (Spoilers)
There will be spoilers, big spoilers, and scans You have been warned. Shadow War Omega #1 But is that all? At the end of Shadow War Omega, we saw a resurrected Deathstroke after being killed by Talia Al Ghul, courtesy of the Lazarus Pit with, it seems, a contract from… somewhere to kill… everyone[...]
Shadow War
But how does the Shadow War tie in? What about Flashpoint Beyond? And what about Nightwing? Spoilers going forward… Dark Crisis #1 The lack of a League means all sorts of villains with bad names are popping up, in Gotham, in Star City, under the seas, in Metropolis; power abhors the vacuum But what about those villains[...]
Auto Draft
Which might describe a symbiote rather well? But if all this mysticism is making you wonder what on earth is going on with Venom these days… Spider-Man/Venom Free Comic Book Day 2022 Classic Venom is back, with a special gift for Dylan Brock. Spider-Man/Venom Free Comic Book Day 2022 We have a pointy head symbiote everyone! A pointy head[...]
Spoilers Threaten Most Important Aspect of Comic Industry: Wordle
The comic book industry is under attack once again by its oldest and most dangerous nemesis: spoilers But this time, the spoilers are hitting comic book creators where it really hurts No, not by revealing the secrets of the latest superhero super-mega-crossover events Nobody really cares about that once the comics are purchased by retailers,[...]