An Exclusive Preview Of Carver, Chris Hunt's Corto Maltese Homage From Z2 Comics

Chris Hunt is bringing us the new series Carver, titled "A Paris Story" in its first arc, to be published by Z2 Comics in November. Hunt has previously worked on several comics from a variety of publishers, including 12 Reasons To Die from Black Mask. Hunt also studied under Paul Pope at The Atlantic Center for The Arts (ACA) in 2010.

patreon_carver1Z2 describes Carver as a story about a "notorious gentleman of fortune Francis Carver as he trots the globe on a noir-esque adventure to help the only woman he has ever loved", and Hunt calls the series a Corto Maltese homage.

Here's our exclusive preview of Carver #1:

carver_4 for BC carver_5 for BC carver_6 for BC carver_7 for BC carver_8 for BCHunt has even created a "live action introduction to the cinematic, and drawn world of Carver", which you can view below:


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