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Judas Priest
Z2 Comics and Judas Priest are creating a new graphic novel, Screaming For Vengeance Described as an original sci-fi epic based on the band's highest-selling album which is coming up for its 40th anniversary, from writers Rantz Hoseley and Neil Kleid, and artist Christopher Mitten It will also be released for San Diego Comic-Con 2022[...]
Bobby Digital & The Pit of Snakes: Z2 Announces RZA's First Comic
Z2 Comics announced in a press release today that legendary Wu-Tang Clan rap artist, actor, and filmmaker, RZA, will be releasing his first-ever original graphic novel through the publisher, titled Bobby Digital and the Pit of Snakes, an expansion of the character he created in his 1998 album, Bobby Digital in Stereo. The cover to Bobby Digital and[...]
Cheech and Chong Chronicle the History of Weed at Z2 Comics
Z2 Comics has quite a celebration planned for Cheech and Chong's 50th anniversary No, you're not high as @#$% Well, maybe you are But we assure you, it really has been 50 years Yeah, we know Devastating Look, just take another hit and you'll feel better. The stoner comedy duo will team with writer Eliot Rahal[...]
King Diamond's Abigail GN Gets Platinum Edition with Toy Hearse
Abigail, the graphic novel adaptation of the classic heavy metal album by metal legend King Diamond of the same name, is available now, but if a regular graphic novel by King Diamond and co-writer Dan Watters with art by Damien Worm isn't enough to get the blood pumping in your cold heart, then perhaps a[...]
The cover to Enter the Blue by Dave Chisholm from Z2 Comics
Z2 Comics will team up with legendary jazz label Blue Note Records for a new comic inspired by the smooth jazz melodies produced by the label: Enter the Blue.  The comic will feature a fictional story written and drawn by Dave Chisholm From the press release: What begins as one woman's search for her own artistic[...]
Listen To Blur's Graham Coxon New Graphic Novel, Superstate
Both are released, separately to together on the 27th August 2021, in association with Z2 Comics And you get to listen to one of the comics, or read one of the tracks, right here Superstate is an original album soundtrack of 15 new songs from Graham Coxon, with a graphic novel of 15 stories featuring[...]
Ivan Moody Of Give Finger Death Punch Announces Dirty Poetry From Z2
Z2 Comics has announced a book of original illustrated poetry from Five Finger Death Punch's Ivan Moody Presented in a hardcover format, Ivan Moody's Dirty Poetry will be released this autumn, with signed special editions available exclusively through the Z2 website Ivan Moody says, "Out of all the projects I've undertaken this is something truly[...]
Z2 Announce A Tie-In OGN to Rise Against's Nowhere Generation
It could be a matter of getting something out in time for what would otherwise be a normal San Diego Comic Con, but only they know for sure. Nowhere Generation cover courtesy of Z2 Comics Shaun Simon, who co-wrote True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys with Gerard Way, appears to be Nowhere Generation's writer Artists include Sally[...]
Z2 Announce OGN "Limbo Beach" From Rapper Vince Staples And Others
Looks like Z2 Comics has a big slate for their new sales hire Devin Funches Z2 Comics announced what they describe as a headliner to their Fall 2021 offerings, an OGN called Limbo Beach from Vince Staples, Bryan Edward Hill, Chris Robinson, and Buster Moody Limbo Beach is described as a combination of Lord Of[...]
Z2 Comics Hires Devin Funches To Sell Direct To Comic & Record Stores
Another strand to the comic book distribution changes that have been occurring over the last year is the increase of comic book publishes skipping distributors altogether and selling directly to comic book stores, and with Z2 comics cornering the market on comic book/music mashup projects, they are expanding that side of the operation and including[...]
Surprise! Grant Morrison & Gerard Way Anthrax OGN Out on Wednesday
The release of the new Anthrax: Among The Living anthology graphic novel from Z2 Comics will be in bookstores and sent out directly to customers next month for the 6th of July – but copies of a limited version will be available in the direct market of comic book stores this Wednesday, earlier than planned[...]
And Z2 Comics has decided that's enough to commission it all as a graphic novel, out this autumn In the distant future, a mysterious asteroid turns the planet into a frozen wasteland where the last gasps of humanity fight over dwindling resources A lone champion named Uzo becomes the last hope for both his village[...]
Noctis: Australian Hip Hop Band Hilltop Hoods Debut their First Comic
Publisher Z2 Comics continues to define the relationship between music and comics, bringing together the comics industry's best talent with recording acts from around the world! (Gorillaz, Yungblud, Babymetal, Jimmy Eat World) This time the publisher heads down under to bring one of Australia's biggest musical groups to outer space in Hilltop Hoods Present: Noctis[...]
Z2 Announces Run The Dungeon From Patrick Kindlon & Goran Gilgovic
Their press release follows. NEW YORK, NY— Z2 Comics has proven to be THE home for the best in music-inspired graphic novels, and further that no pairing is alike, introducing an original graphic novel by Patrick Kindlon (We Can Never Go Home, Nobody Is In Control) and emerging artist Goran Gligovic (The Bawdy Tales of Lazlo Cale),[...]
Jimmy Eat World Announces 555; An All-New Comic Book With Z2 Comics
Z2 Comics have made a name for themselves in the comics industry by teaming up with popular musicians to create comic books that expand upon the mythology in their music  And they will continue that approach today with the release of Jimmy Eat World: 555, the first-ever graphic novel by the popular rock band, Jimmy Eat[...]