Another Die!Die!Die!-Style Surprise Comic is Coming…

Last year, retailers were rather surprised when a full order of a comic book arrived with no warning whatsoever.

Die!Die!Die! by Robert Kirkman and Chris Burnham, Bleeding Cool only found out the day before it was meant to go on sale.

One comics book creator told me that a bunch of people had sat around a table working out how to do such a thing with a print comic in the direct market, given the advance orders necessary. And, after Die!Die!Die! came out, decided that the answer all along was to throw money at Diamond.

Well, it appears someone is doing it again. I don't know who, how or when. All I know is that it's called Tooth Fairy #0.

Related to the Rock's movie of the same name (the novel of the movie, yes it got one, is pictured below)? A spin-off of I Hate Fairyland? Could it be a new Fables comic book? I have no idea – do you?

More as we have it…

Another Die!Die!Die!-Style Surprise Comic is Coming...

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