Bleeding Cool Bestseller List 22nd May 2016 – No Contest For Civil War II

Civil War II (2016-) 000-012This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

Oh look, Civil War II #0 took the top. But it wasn't universal. And it was a strong launch for Future Quest as well.

  • 1. Civil War #0
  • 2. Old Man Logan #6
  • 3. Spider-Man #4
  • 4. Future Quest #1
  • 5. Uncanny Avengers #9
  • 6. Harley Quinn #28
  • 7. Superman: American Alien #7
  • 8. Superman/Wonder Woman #29
  • 9. Deadpool: Last Days Of Magic #1
  • 10. Deadpool And The Mercs For Money #5

Thanks to the following retailers,

And this is what they had today

No Surprise from Civil War II #0 grabbing the top spot – not much competition this week for it.

Civil War III #0 took the top spot but they had to fight for it since Future Quest was right on their heels. Both passed the century mark and all the other titles were in the middle range.

Flash was on the move for back-issues along with a wide range of variant issues that people were hunting down for convention season.

Man, what a weird week. Both Old Man Logan and Max Landis' Superman: American Alien overthrew Civil War 2 for the top two spots. Civil War 2 really under performed for us…could it be that our customers are tired of Marvel? Speaking of American Alien, that book has had crazy growth since the first issue. It's been a consistent seller in the past few months. Expect big things from that hardcover collection.

With only Civil War 2 being the major draw this week (and under performing), lots of indie titles jumped up our top seller list. Fans still turned out for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, despite the incredibly long wait between issues. Really makes you wish Archie would make this series more of a priority. Our other big surprise was selling out of Future Quest! DC has a pretty sizeable hit on their hands with this series if they can keep up the quality!

Slow week. Hopefully the calm before the storm next week that is Rebirth 1.
DC took five of the top ten spots–and their number one book in our store was Future Quest, a book with no DCU connection.

Strong back issue sales of Pre-New 52 DC's and older Black Panther books. Number one comment from DC buyers: "Is next week the week that the DCU get good again?"

Harley Barely holds on to #1 as Tank Girl, triple covers, was almost in everybody stack.  Movie themed character now seem to be taking most of the sales this week.  We have seen a whole new customer coming in with Deadpool and Harley Fever.  Civil War had a horrible showing this week.  Spawn really has been picking up for us in sales as well.

Ho hum kind of week. One giant mega-seller and not much else.

I knew a lot of people at our store were excited for Future Quest but I didn't expect it to be our #2 seller of the week. We have hard core fans of Buffy and Astro City so while those titles probably don't make other stores' lists they were our #3 and #4 sellers. The rest is a mix of what you'd expect. Bigger named Marvel and even some DC books. The scrappy Silver Surfer managed to make #10.

Invincible almost made the ten spot, as did Lumberjanes. Archangel had strong sales but not enough for the list. Dept H #1 sold out the day of release, unfortunately only one person came back for #2 so far..

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