Caliban, Uber, Extinction Parade And God Is Dead Variants For Calgary Comic Con

Bleeding Cool's publisher Avatar Press had a bunch of exclusive variant covers for next week's Calgary Comic Con… and Max Brooks, Kieron Gillen and Mike Costa on hand to sell them!

Caliban #1 Final Frontier – $4 –  Limited to 1500 copies.


Kieron Gillen Signables

Uber Special #1 Grim Reaper – $10 – Limited to 500 copies.

Uber #10 Canada Burning – $6 – Limited to 850 copies.
Uber #10 Calgary VIP– $20 -Limited to 250 copies.


Mike Costa Signables

God is Dead #7 Athena – $6 –  Limited to 870 copies.


Max Brooks Signables

Extinction Parade #5 Calgary  -$6 –  Limited to 500 copies.  Get it signed by Max Brooks!


Crossed: Badlands #50 Mistress – $6 – Limited to 850 copies.


Crossed: Badlands #50 Calgary VIP – $20 – Limited to 250 copies.


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