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Max Brooks Signing Zombies And Vampires In London's West End Today

Max Brooks, the author of World War Z, is signing his new graphic novel The Extinction Parade: War in Waterstones, Piccadilly Circus from 5.30pm this evening.It's published in the UK by Titan Books, courtesy of Bleeding Cool's own publisher, Avatar Press, and appears here in advance.In fact, I'm going to pop down myself, working as I go, to[...]

Max Brooks To Do Nationwide Radio Tour For Free Extinction Parade Comic

Max Brooks, writer of World War Z and son of comic genius Mel Brooks is doing a radio tour of the country to promote that free copies of his series Extinction Parade #1 will be given away at comic shops during Halloween Comic Fest on Saturday October 25th He will be urging listeners to go[...]

28 Thoughts About 28 Comics – Uncanny X-Men, Kung Fu Bible Classics, Batman Eternal, The Death Of Wolverine, Blood Queen, Dejah Mars, Hawkeye Vs Deadpool, Avengers World, Moon Knight, Southern Bastards, Star-Lord, Miracleman, God Is Dead, Extinction Parade, Uber, Alice Cooper, Chaos, Ex Con, Mars Attacks, Indestructible, My Little Pony, Red Sonja, Rogue Trooper, Turok, Squidder, Twilight Zone, Silent Hill and Angry Birds

Will people start playing Blitzmench, Tank Men and Heavy Tank Men at Baltimore this weekend? Vampires get #FirstWorldProblems in Extinction Parade: War.Alice Cooper #1 astounds a child by showing him a vinyl record The equivalent of pulling out a clockwork spinny jenny as an alternative to an XBox One.The omnipotence of Smiley in Chaos #5[...]

How To Appreciate Max Brooks At San Diego Comic Con Best

New York Times Best-selling author Max Brooks (World War Z, The Zombie Survival Guide) is making an appearance at San Diego Comic Con in celebration of his comics and work and there are a few key ways to make sure you get your books signed and hear his own thoughts on his creative output.Firstly, he'll[...]

Free Hallowe'en Comics On October 25th – Secret Wars, Angry Birds, Afterlife With Archie, Batman, Rachel Rising, Princeless, Extinction Parade, Resident Evil, Fathom And More

Gasp in horror as Riverdale faces an impending zombie Arch-pocalypse in this reprint of the award-winning, sold-out first issue! But be warned, kiddies, this one's not for the faint of heart! For TEEN+ readers. 32pgs, B&WASPEN MLTMICHAEL TURNER'S FATHOM: THE ADVENTURES OF ERNIE—HCF 2014 EDITION (W) Vince Hernandez (A/CA) Agnes Garbowska A completely brand new and unexpected Fathom[...]

Alan Moore On God Is Dead – Avatar Press Full August Solicitations

Also a Carnage Wraparound by German Nobile and Divine and Pure Art Retailer Incentives by Burrows.GOD IS DEAD: THE BOOK OF ACTS #OMEGA Iconic Retail Price: $5.99 US Cover: Jacen Burrows Writer: Kieron Gillen, Justin Jordan, Mike Costa Art: German Nobile, German Erramouspe, Rafael Ortiz MR, Color, 48 pagesGOD IS DEAD: THE BOOK OF ACTS #OMEGA End of Days Retail Price:[...]

Extinction Parade's Max Brooks Visits Conan O'Brien

With the recent news of Extinction Parade getting optioned for television by Legendary Pictures and the announced second series Extinction Parade: War.. I'm not sure how we missed this video of Max Brooks on the Conan O'Brien Show talking about where his love of Zombies comes from.Not familiar with Extinction Parade? Here is the solicitation[...]

Avatar Press Full July 2014 Solicitations

Extinction Parade gets a trade just in time for Max Brooks to kick off the new Extinction Parade: War series to start Caliban and Uber keep on rolling and we get double shots of Crossed: Badlands and God Is Dead And for you Game of Thrones fans, George R R Martin's Skin Trade gets collected.EXTINCTION[...]

Caliban, Uber, Extinction Parade And God Is Dead Variants For Calgary Comic Con

and Max Brooks, Kieron Gillen and Mike Costa on hand to sell them!Caliban #1 Final Frontier - $4 -  Limited to 1500 copies.Kieron Gillen SignablesUber Special #1 Grim Reaper - $10 - Limited to 500 copies.Uber #10 Canada Burning - $6 - Limited to 850 copies.Uber #10 Calgary VIP- $20 -Limited to 250 copies.Mike Costa[...]

Max Brooks On Our 'Anxiety-Ridden Decade' of Zombies At London Super Comic Con

At the London Super Comic Con on Saturday Avatar Press hosted a spotlight panel with the author of World War Z, Extinction Parade and the upcoming graphic novel Harlem Hellfighters from Avatar Press: Max Brooks The packed audience was mesmerised by his showmanship, and Bleeding Cool’s Tom Huxley was among them…Brooks gets the ball rolling[...]

Extinction Parade Volume One Is Coming… Are You Ready For The Zombie Hoardes?

Max Brooks of World War Z fame, and Raulo Carceres have crafted a comic in Extinction Parade from Avatar Press that turns the vampire and zombie genres on their head by melding them and leaving the two to fight it out Which will survive?The premise of Extinction Parade, that vampires have become so powerful and[...]