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God Is Dead Volume 1 – 24 Trades Of Christmas

We're down to the last three trades of Christmas and I'm turning now to a somewhat ironic choice, God is Dead Now, first I have to point out that Avatar Press is the parent company of Bleeding Cool, so yes I work for them.. and that the reason I initially read the series was because[...]

The Final Issue Of Jonathan Hickman's God Is Dead Hits Shelves Tomorrow

This week, Avatar Press is shipping the final issue of God is Dead to stores The conclusion of the 48-issue run is written by Mike Costa and drawn by Emiliano Urdinola and has some pretty cool covers by German Nobile, Jacen Burrows and Ron Adrian Not listed in the solicitation below is that it's also[...]

End The Year With A Double Dose Of Garth Ennis

A double dose of Garth Ennis ends the year right as Avatar Press releases both Code Pru #1, a new black humor / horror book from Ennis and Raulo Caceres and Ennis' War Stories #15 along with God is Dead #46 and Mercury Heat #6.. all before New Year's Eve (Bleeding Cool is owned by[...]

Crossed: Badlands, God Is Dead And Mercury Heat This Week From Avatar Press

We've got three new books coming out from Avatar Press this week: Crossed: Badlands #88, God is Dead #43 and Mercury Heat #5 Each has a variety of cover options. Crossed: Badlands #88 Siblings are a blessing and a curse.  Jack discovers that a lifetime of hatred by his troubled brother can turn into an instant of[...]

Michael DiPascale Shares His God Is Dead Art

For those of you not reading Jonathan Hickman's God Is Dead series from Avatar Press, besides the main storyline currently being done by Mike Costa and Juan Frigeri, there is a six-page back-up story In issue 41 a new story started called And Death Shall Have No Dominion Now I'm writing the back-up story, but[...]

God Is Dead Vol 6 Hits Shops This Week

Avatar Press is releasing the sixth volume of the Jonathan Hickman created series God Is Dead Written by Mike Costa and drawn by Emiliano Urdinola and Juan Frigeri, the newest trade collects issues #31 - 36 of the controversial series. God is Dead Vol 6 TPB The Titans are on the verge of being driven back into[...]

This Week From Avatar Press – God Is Dead #41

Avatar Press has one new release coming to comic shops this Wednesday 8/19/15, God is Dead #41.God is Dead #41After all the insanity and the misery the human race has endured, do they have the fortitude left to recover from the unfolding horror? Mike Costa spins the latest shocking chapter in the world of divine destruction[...]

This Week From Avatar Press – God Is Dead #40 And War Stories #11

Avatar Press has two new books hitting the shelves this week, God Is Dead #40 which asks what would Gods do with worshippers and War Stories #11 as the Irish take on the Nazis. God is Dead #40 What would Gods do without humanity worshiping them? What would humanity look like if there was never religion?  After[...]

This Week From Avatar Press – God Is Dead #39

In comic shops this week is the latest issue of Jonathan Hickman's mythological mash-up, God Is Dead As the war of the Gods devastates the planet, mankind only wants one thing.. for all the Gods to die Written by Mike Costa and drawn by Nahuel Lopez.God is Dead #39All of humanity has prayed for it[...]

Alan Moore's Providence #2 In Shops This Week From Avatar Press

First up is issue #38 of God Is Dead where Mike Costa brings us a change in direction for the battle of deities And then Alan Moore's Providence #2, the ad-free giant issue drawn by fan favorite artist Jacen Burrows.God is Dead #38Mike Costa has crafted some tales worthy of the ancient mythologies that spawned[...]

I Seem To Have A Comic Published Today. Somewhere.

I don't think it would be as bad as everyone thinks. — Jonathan Hickman (@JHickman) June 29, 2015Today sees the publication of Jonathan Hickman's God Is Dead #37 Written by Mike Costa and drawn by Nahuel Lopez, he continues the tale of a world in which God died and in his place all the other deities[...]

This Week From Avatar Press: God Is Dead, Uber And War Stories

Avatar Press has three books hitting shelves tomorrow starting off with God Is Dead #37, then Uber #26 and finally War Stories #10 All books comes with various covers so make sure you dig through the stack to see which one (or ones) you want.God is Dead #37 It all changes right here! As volume seven[...]

Alan Moore's Providence #1 And More This Week From Avatar Press

It is a big week for Avatar Press with the much heralded arrival of Alan Moore's Providence #1 coming up on 5/27 along with Dark Gods #6, God is Dead #36 and Uber #25Dark Gods #6 The final issue of the first powerful arc of Justin Jordan’s Dark Gods is here! The agents of The Storm[...]

Crossed: Badlands, Uber And God Is Dead In Shops This Week From Avatar Press

In stores this week from Avatar Press, the 77th issue of Crossed: Badlands, God Is Dead #35 and Uber #24. Crossed: Badlands #77 Uber scribe, Kieron Gillen, tells a Crossed tale like no other.  As the modern-day group of survivors stumble upon an amazing find, the unfolding drama of the Homo Tortor 80,000 years ago unveil their[...]

War Stories, Crossed: Badlands And God Is Dead This Week From Avatar Press

Available with Regular Cover by Fernando Heinz, Wraparound and Megafauna Mayhem Covers by Rafa Ortiz, Torture Cover by Raulo Caceres, Art Deco Cover by Michael DiPascale, and a special Red Crossed Incentive Cover also by Heinz. God is Dead #34 Zeus has been resurrected and his fury knows no bounds The Titans have[...]

Zeus Is Back And The Battle For Realms Begins – God Is Dead #33 (Updated)

This week it's God Is Dead #33 hitting stores, not issue #34 So ignore the stuff at the very bottom until the middle of May. God is Dead #33Deception is the currency of the day as the gods plot and plan behind each other’s backs with their petty strategies for ruling the devastated Earth.  But among[...]

C-Day Is Wednesday As Crossed: Badlands #75 Hits Comic Shops

Also in shops is Crossed +100 #4, Dark Gods #5 and God Is Dead #32.Crossed: Badlands #75Crossed C-Day 2015 is here!  And to celebrate the event,superstar writer Kieron Gillen (Uber, Wicked & Devine) is launching a new story arc that will take the horrors of the Crossed back to the ancient past!  75,000 years ago[...]