Marvel Legends X-Men Wave

Marvel Legends X-Men BAF Caliban Wave Coming Soon

Below we will take a look at all seven Marvel Legends and the build a figure Caliban.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="976224,976223"]First up is a Weapon X version of Logan He comes with a swappable head, which is the early leader in the clubhouse for action figure hair of the year.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="976221,976222"]Skullbuster joins the line,[...]

Hasbro Reveals New Amazing Line-Up of Marvel Legends at NYCC

Forge has been a long-requested figure, we now know the next X-Men build a figure will be Caliban We are getting a sweet two-pack of black suit Spider-Man facing off with Kraven the Hunter in a homage to the classic 'Kraven's Last Hunt', as well as a Night Thrasher figure! That is crazy! That is[...]

Get A Look At Stephen Merchant As Caliban From Logan

Just tweeted by the film's director James Mangold, you can get your first look at Stephen Merchant as albino Caliban The mutant is known for his tracking abillities, which I imagine will come in handy as Wolverine looks for the rumoured X-23.Take a look:Taken w/ Leica S 007 Summicron 100mm, ISO 1600 1/250 ƒ2 -- by JM[...]

Speculator Corner: Uncanny X-Men #148 And The First Appearance Of Caliban

So, Caliban is now a movie character, cast in X-Men Apocalypse.So what has that done for his first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #148?There have been no sales today so far,  seven sales yesterday, thirty-seven sales the day before, over a hundred sales the day before that Boom time  for sure, but one that seems to[...]

Avatar Press Announces NYCC 2014 Exclusives: Alan Moore's Crossed +100 'Taste Test' In Limited Numbers, Signed Moore Neonomicon Sets, Brooks' Extinction Parade, Costa's God Is Dead, Ennis' Caliban, Gillen's Uber

Don't miss out.There's also some astonishing stuff for Max Brook's Extinction Parade, Mike Costa's God is Dead, Garth Ennis' Caliban,  and Kieron Gillen's Uber to spice up your con collecting list For the Moore lovers, also note the God is Dead: Book of Acts Alpha leather edition set and other iterations of "Alpha" that also[...]

Garth Ennis' War Stories And The Full Solicitations For Avatar Press October 2014

Plus the latest issues of Caliban, God Is Dead, Crossed, Uber, Dicks, George R R Martin's In The House Of The Worm, Extinction Parade: War and more.WAR STORIES #1 Retail Price: $3.99 US Writer: Garth Ennis Cover & Art: Matt Martin MR, Color, 32 pages, ongoing monthlyPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Garth Ennis' War Stories find a new home at Avatar with[...]

Avatar Press Full Solicitations For September 2014

David Lapham returns to Crossed: Badlands, we get the second issue of George R R Martin's In The House Of The Worm plus the latest from God Is Dead, Caliban, Extinction Parade: War and more.UBER VOL 2 TPB Retail Price: $19.99 US Writer: Kieron Gillen Cover &Art: Caanan White MR, Color, 160 pagesPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: KIERON GILLEN redefined the alternate[...]

Alan Moore On God Is Dead – Avatar Press Full August Solicitations

Miller Art: Ivan Rodriguez MR, Color, 32 pages, monthlyCALIBAN #5 Retail Price: $3.99 US Writer: Garth Ennis Cover & Art: Facundo Percio MR, Color, 32 pages, monthlyPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: GARTH ENNIS, the creator of Preacher and Crossed, has delivered a space horror like no other in Caliban Most of the crew were voided into space when the ships merged[...]

Avatar Press Offers Amazing Phoenix Con VIP Package

And if it's anything like last year, they are going to go fast.We start with the Shattered edition of Caliban #1 limited to only 750 copies.Then its two Crossed: Badlands #50 covers, one is Up In Smoke and the other is the Phoenix VIP exclusive.And finally we have the Pure Rage version of the[...]

Avatar Press Full July 2014 Solicitations

Caliban and Uber keep on rolling and we get double shots of Crossed: Badlands and God Is Dead And for you Game of Thrones fans, George R R Martin's Skin Trade gets collected.EXTINCTION PARADE VOL 01 TPB Retail Price: $19.99 US Cover: Raulo Caceres Writer: Max Brooks Art: Raulo Caceres MR, Color, 160 pagesPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The best-selling Zombie writer in[...]

Caliban, Uber, Extinction Parade And God Is Dead Variants For Calgary Comic Con

and Max Brooks, Kieron Gillen and Mike Costa on hand to sell them!Caliban #1 Final Frontier - $4 -  Limited to 1500 copies.Kieron Gillen SignablesUber Special #1 Grim Reaper - $10 - Limited to 500 copies.Uber #10 Canada Burning - $6 - Limited to 850 copies.Uber #10 Calgary VIP- $20 -Limited to 250 copies.Mike Costa[...]

Avatar Press Complete Solicitations For June

From there the Patient Zero story continues in Crossed: Badlands, new issues of God Is Dead, Uber and Caliban and we kick off an all new series - Dicks: End Of Time.CROSSED VOL 9 TPB Retail Price: $19.99 US Cover: Fernando Heinz Writer: Daniel Way, Simon Spurrier Art: Emiliano Urdinola, Gabriel Andrade MR, Color, 176 pagesPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Two very different[...]

Buckle Up For A First Look At Art From Garth Ennis' Sci-Fi Horror Book Caliban

In Caliban, coming in April from Avatar Press, Ennis takes his passion for historical elements and slingshots them into the future of space-travel.The result is science-fiction horror, and the horror comes from confronting the unknown very, very far from home What can you expect from Caliban? All the things Ennis is known for: detailed characterization,[...]

Sci-Fi Specatular Returns In Bleeding Cool Magazine #10

The big news for April in the comic book, film and television magazine world is that Bleeding Cool Magazine is doing its Sci-Fi Spectacular issue.BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE #10 (Diamond C:  0-1-2) Retail Price: $4.99 US Full Color, 104 pagesPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Bleeding Cool Magazine’s Science Fiction Spectacular issue returns with a look at the best in Sci-fi in comics,[...]