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Comic Creators Keep Reacting To The Death Of Queen Elizabeth II

Last week, I ran a collection of comic book creators reacting to the then-new death of Queen Elizabeth II. Well, the reactions have kept coming, with the news of King Charles III, and the current funeral. Here are a few more responses from across the comics industry….

PJ Holden: Disappointing to find I've – once again – absolutely no chance of being King.

Gerry Conway: Look, it's sad when somebody who seems like they were a reasonably decent person, more or less, dies— but my preferred "memory" of Elizabeth isn't of her as Queen, but as a British Army motor pool mechanic during WWII. *That's* the woman I admire.

Daniel Best: Well, shit. Silly me. Tuning into the @abcnews at 7pm hoping to hear some news. Queen Queen Queen and for some variety, King. I guess nothing else has happened in the world.

David Avallone: Without Twitter, I would have no idea that an incredibly decisive battle is being fought in Ukraine. All the cable news channels are focused on Elizabeth 2, who is exactly as dead today as she was yesterday. Hey, @MSNBC
. How about some real news?… Just switched on CNN. They're talking to an animal psychologist about Elizabeth's relationship with her Corgis. I'm not kidding. So Ukraine got maybe five minutes?

Valerie D'Orazio: So…when in 1995 I inexplicably found myself seated *directly* in front of Prince Charles at a play while studying Shakespeare in Stratford, I was sitting in front of the future King of England

Duncan Jones: Will be interesting to see what countryside & environmental enthusiast, King Charles, may have to say about Lizz Truss's immediate pivot to put fracking back on the table in the UK. Interesting times.

Mat Groom: As the world questions the role of monarchy in the time of King Charles III, one film dares to ask "Would it be chiller if the dynasty, like, STARTED more recently…?" "Yes my father ruled with absolute, unchecked authority over every creature in the land, as I now do, but HIS father didn't soooo… mine is an aspirational story, when you think about it."

Megan Kearney: I had to get blood work done and I'm a big baby so the technician (nurse? Vampire?) was trying to distract me by talking about the Queen's funeral… Her: so you think Megan will go? Me: to the funeral? Haha, uh, well if I get invited I guess. Her: no, no, Megan. Me: well sure, why not? I'll just nip on over! Ha ha, are you going?? Her:…I am talking about Meghan Markle.

Thomas Mauer: The Crown is trending on @netflix and I'm wondering if people are pity-watching the Charles/Lizzie scenes.

Jamie Delano: Nervous Right already edging another Charles toward the chopping block…?

Tony Lee: Watching the King's Proclamation in the City of London and there are musketeers in the line of ceremonial soldiers. As in musket-holding soldiers, in what I call English Civil War garb. Who are they? Is this the traditional uniform of the Rifles or something?

Paul Ridgon: Four days after her passing and the Mail still has its first 21 pages devoted to it. I grieved for much shorter times for people much closer to me than Lizzy, this enforced state of mourning is getting out of hand now. Let those that want to mourn do it in their own way, stop ramming it down our throats or you'll be seeing more and more ridiculous. I heard a woman on the radio this morning whose mothers' funeral is postponed because it was suppose to happen on the 19th. People are ending up seriously out of pocket at a time when they can least afford it.

Jaime Hernandez: I kinda doubt King Charles movies and shows will win more awards than queen Lizzie ones.

𝗕𝗲𝗻 𝗧𝗲𝗺𝗽𝗹𝗲𝘀𝗺𝗶𝘁𝗵: I hereby challenge the usurper king, Charles the III, by right of combat, for the throne. I mean why not. The last of the Plantagenets lives in Australia. ( rightful heirs to the throne ). The Windsors, through their representative, once sacked an entire Australian govt.

Brandon Seifert: "It's bizarre to me that there's going to be a King of England. I was born in the '80s, so Kings of England are exclusively creatures from history books."

Larry Young: MSNBC just felt the need to tell us that the Queen didn't ACTUALLY meet Paddington Bear and that that was just CGI trickery.

ComicPrintingUK: Has anyone got a long read article on what happens in the event of the queen's death? It feels like I'd have seen one by now.

John Reppion: The plan is: wall to wall media tributes for weeks, then just same old same old after that. But with a king. Literally zero changes to anything other than that.

Chuck Satterlee: I'm pretty sure the narcissitic asshat, trumplethinskin is watching across the pond and seeing the pomp & circumstance that is the Queen's mourning session/funeral and hoping he gets the same after he dies. Let's make a deal, 45. Choke on your lunch today & we'll make it happen!

Peter Woods :Yeah the more I think about it the more I think that guy rustled up a flight to England. That funeral is gonna be the biggest event i. The Western world and everyone is gonna be there. I don't think he can resist. No way he's voluntarily walking of the plane into the FBI's hands and he seemed way to spry to be sick. Plus he had suitcases with him. He's making a trip… here's a lot of hooey going on until then. Procession in Edinburg tomorrow for example and he's got property 2 1/2 hours away.

Comic Creators React To... King Charles III

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