Comic Industry Reacts To… Trump's Government Shutdown

The US government is now in the longest shutdown of all time. This doesn't happen much elsewhere, it's a peculiarity of the US system in which Congress has to pass a bill providing federal funds to government agencies or programmes. Or US law states that the government begin a "shutdown" of affected activities and give a temporary leave of absence to non-essential employees of these agencies. Essential employees however have to continue working without pay. And every time this happens in the US, everyone else in the world goes 'really? That's how you do things?' Trump is expected to make a public statement to the US later today. No one seems to expect it to solve anything.

Comic creator Neal Adams wrote to Bleeding Cool last week, saying,

"The world is watching, as the President of the United States refuses to pay hundreds of thousands of people their just salaries. Endangering their security in the greatest country in the world. He says he understands their situation,

He could never understand the people's situation. Because his rich father always gave him millions as he failed over and over.

The whole world is watching as "President" Trump threatens to pull the meager support for tan-skinned citizens of Puerto Rico in their continuing dire plight, and pull hell from California's suffering and fire ravaged California state. All in order to build a fragile wall between us and our neighbors to the south, to solve problems that do not exist.

The whole world is watching as President " Trump separates innocent children from innocent parents who seek to escape the drug cartels who threaten their lives on a daily basis. And so they seek sanctuary in the one country that calls to the world "Give me your tired your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door".

The whole world is watching, as a misogynist, bigoted gun wielding isolationist minority erupts on the golden heart of America. The whole world is watching."

So I thought I'd see what some other comics professionals are saying. Gail Simone posts to Facebook,

As this shutdown goes on, I just get madder and madder. This, coupled with the garbage response to Puerto Rico, is just unbearable.

We're supposed to not WANT our people to suffer. We're not supposed to take glee in people losing their homes and being unable to afford life saving medications.

These are American citizens. They did NOTHING wrong.

How are we okay with this?

Artist Wade von Grawbadger writes,

The person who, before running for office, said that a government shutdown was the sign of weak leadership and that the person at the top must be accountable now presides over the longest government shutdown in US history.

Plus congress and 45 still get paid during a shutdown because as always, what applies to us does not apply to them.

Make of that what you will.

And there was plenty more…

While Mike Wellman of Calfornia's Comic Bug chain who have been giving discount to furloughed employees posted,

Comic Industry Reacts To… Trump's Government Shutdown

800,000 is a big number. Unfathomable, actually. But here is ONE of the 800,000 workers currently furloughed by Trump's need for a wall. Michael has been a friend and customer for the entire 15 years of our shop's existence and he has been diligently going to work to serve the TSA without pay for 21 days now. I asked him if he's calling it in or if he thinks about just staying home and he said "no, this is my job and I am reporting for duty and giving it my all."

These are the REAL AMERICANS! The true patriots! Until this mess is over, he gets his comics at cost. That's the least we can do. I encourage others to do the same if they can.

What will the rest of the day bring?

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