Dark Crisis #3 Vs Flashpoint Beyond #4 For The Future Of DC (Spoilers)

Worlds Within Snowglobes – today's Dark Crisis #3 sees Deathstroke – employed by the Great Darkness after his death at the hands of Talia Al Ghul –  trying to start a Crisis. Doing it in the way that only Deathstroke can.

DC Comics

Today's Flashpoint Beyond #4 also knows what's going on, even from an entirely different part to the Divine Continuum, over in Hypertime rather than the DC Omniverse.

No Justice League? Two Possible Dark Crisis #3 Replacements (Spoilers)

Well, people always die in a Crisis, don't they?

DC Comics

While Pariah is trying to use the Great Darkness for his own ends, and justifying the title's new name Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths

DC Comics

But it turns out that maybe, just maybe, The Great Darkness is not the best business partner when Pariah is looking to do the exact opposite of what the Great Darkness is all about. While in Flashpoint Beyond, another captured world is also under scrutiny. As the Watchmen snowglobe cracks…

Dark Crisis Vs Flashpoint Beyond

…as it does, as it did, as it always will.

Dark Crisis Vs Flashpoint Beyond

And may be in the process of being weaponised, just like the worlds of the multiverse by the Great Darkness…

DC Comics

And just as Flashpoint Beyond must deal with the Omniverse coming into contact with Hypertime, the world of the Dark Crisis meeting that of Flashpoint…

DC Comics Batman

….so Pariah must meet the fate of the Justice Leaguers who he condemned to their own particular snow globes of self contained retro continuity.

DC Comics

Ashes to ashes, snow to water… Dark Crisis #3 and Flashpoint Beyond #4 are both published today by DC Comics.

(W) Joshua Williamson (A/CA) Daniel Sampere
THE BATTLE OF THE EMERALD ARMY HAS BEGUN! Hal Jordan has launched all-out war on Pariah and the Dark Army to avenge his fallen Justice League teammates—but how can one man stand in the way of the Great Darkness? Meanwhile back on Earth, Titans Tower has burned and Deathstroke's army has continued its scorched-earth march across the planet. To stop Slade Wilson, the young heroes of the DCU might have no other choice than to turn to the brutal tactics of Black Adam…
Retail: $4.99 In-Store Date: 08/02/2022

(W) Geoff Johns, Tim Sheridan, Jeremy Adams (A) Xermanico (CA) Mitch Gerads
Thomas Wayne is quickly closing in on the Clockwork Killer, but his investigation might be impeded by young Dexter Dent and his own vigilante agenda: breaking his mother out of Arkham!
Retail: $3.99 In-Store Date: 8/2/2022

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